Family Adventure at Eden Nature Park Skycycle

Few days after graduation, my family decided to take a small vacation even for just one night out of town. On our way to Davao City, part of the itinerary was to drop Eden Nature Park in Calinan, a visit.

I have been to Eden Nature Park thrice but it was my Mom's and sisters' first time. The park was filled with guests and we were not able to get a shuttle tour because we booked so late. But we so enjoyed the Eden Nature Park Skycycle. The combo that was the Zipline and the Skycycle cost P300 only. But we couldn't leave Eden without having tried the Skycycle.

At first, I was apprehensive to try it because of the height. I have tried so many adventures from Lake Sebu zip line to the Cebu's Sky Walk, and many other zip lines in different locations but this Skycycle slightly took my courage away as you have to pedal your way to the finish line and back through a cable, just a cable!

What's worse is that, even if I feel so afraid, I kept faking a courageous front so as not to discourage my children from trying it. I have been teaching them to take courageous steps for as long as it does not mean their deaths. The husband is also one chicken when it comes to adventures like this, but since the children have staged an interest in doing so, we do not want to disappoint them. And so it's a Go! for all of us. 

Tabebs, my 10-year old daughter tried her first zip line experience in Lake Sebu, and she was gripping on me real good when she first tried it. And I was afraid she'd feel the same with what we had experienced in Eden Nature Park. But alas! She did not chicken out. She was all go with the experience. 

While I was the one afraid for her, she was giving all her strength pedaling her way back and forth. I am so proud of my kids, and Tabebs. See her smile?? I'm sure she had good stories to tell about her summer experience. 

Eden Nature Park Skycycle has been a wonderful experience


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