Success Is a Staircase Where You Gotta Reach New Levels

Twelve years ago, I had the guts to enroll myself in law school. It was a challenge but it was also fun. I say it was a challenge because I had to struggle waking up in the wee mornings to memorize articles, statutes, EOs and even ordinances. There was so much energy to burn, too many things to do in addition to my being a mother to a toddler, and having an 8-hour day job.

I say it was fun because I was able to meet new friends who shared with me the same passion in writing, reading and working. We were able to enjoy outing after class, dining out and doing group studies.

And then I got pregnant and had to stop in my tracks to care for the life inside me. Working my ass in a publishing company was taking me by the seconds of my life. Some days I just had to slack off and eventually had to stop the day job but later enjoyed being a freelance writer and attending to a business my husband and I had started. 

After five years, I had my dream job, a government position, clerical. A year after, I was promoted as officer. It was when I had to sacrifice family dinners and other gatherings despite the short distance of traveling to and from Koronadal City. I find it taxing for me. So I decided getting myself a Graduate degree in Public Administration.

I was transferred to Sarangani Province, a 25-minute ride away from our home, and then was moved again to Gensan. Three years of studying the graduate degree and one grueling year for the thesis paper was what took my time the most.

Eventually, I graduated. And I am quite ecstatic about it because I feel that it was all worth it. A new level of learning, new level of personal triumph, a personal challenge I put upon myself and I survived.

Now I am thinking of trying out the post graduate entrance exam. Another shot at another level. I am doing this as a challenge to myself, to try harder in achieving different levels of personal improvement.

And I thank my family, my husband and my children. They are the wind beneath my wings.


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