2016 Life Accomplishments

Only when you see a good life ahead of you should you risk the race. If you slip and fall, get up and bounce back. If things turned out differently, you have prevailed in trying and nevertheless understood that it wasn't meant for you. But reach for it! Risk the race.

I did, and it brought me tears, but the sweetest is the JOY when you finish the race. 

And after you finished the race, wait for other courses or tracks to open, try them once more. Wait patiently because up ahead is someone who will reward you with what you think has been impossible to achieve, what others have been blind in seeing about you. Other people see your struggles and pains, and they think you deserve better opportunities. Other people just don't care. 
inLove them anyway.  

Never stop dreaming! You will get to the point that you think you have covered all. That is a lie! Do not dwell on it! Stay strong with your cores, be efficient and diligent with what you do. Proceed, do not look back at the mistakes, but look forward - eyes on the prize.

Exhaustive? Yes. 
Fulfilling? Yes.
Stay on the bright side. 

sheng's thoughts on a Saturday.
n.b. - took me three months to post this. 


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Congratulations, Sheng!

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