Gensan Goes Fibr

When I started blogging, it was because I felt the need to communicate to the world the beautiful things that I have been experiencing and sharing good stuff to people who matter to me, especially family.

I also blogged because I have felt the need to voice out my feelings, what my mind dictates me to feel, how I feel about things and where I have been. My family has been my utmost reason that I do this; it is because I wanted the world to know about my beautiful family, one family whose hunger for travel, food, and everything nice is insatiable. My hobbies are also included on the things that I blog about. 

But that was before. Ten years ago, only a number of people were lurking on the Internet. You can read about people's lives thru their blogs, and you have to visit their blogs in order to read what has been going on in the lives. This time, it is different, social media has been the "in" thing. Most people have their Instagram accounts, Twitter, Facebook and many other accounts.

But we have slow-moving Internet!

And I hate it because now, my husband is not with us. He has been working in Manila for almost two years now and we need a decent Internet speed that can cater to a good video chat. 

Here's what good news PLDTHomeFibr brings to us here in the city. Up to 1Gbps speed and more! The PLDTFibr Experience will actually empower more people in the use of Internet for communications. With PLDT's FTTH or  fiber-to-the-home facilities, PLDT makes Gensan the first "Fibr City" in Mindanao. Gensan residents can now enjoy equal upload and download speeds of up to 1Gbps. Now this is good news! PLDTHomeFibr will now cater the Generals with World Class Internet and secure homes thru the PLDT Telpad, the FamCam (home monitoring system), the Fam Zone (cyber security platform) and the Smart Watch (multi-functional kiddie gadget).

With over 70 areas in the city, Generals now have access to World-class Internet at home.

Thank you, #PLDTHomeFibr, #FibrExperience for the #WorldClassInternet. I can now call my husband anytime, talk with him through video chat, and even check his activities and location. Communication is more open, and we can actually #ConnectForReal with our loved ones. 

Also, thank you PLDTHomeFibr for sending Regine Velasquez for an awesome performance, followed by Robin Nievera's songs.


Anonymous said…
reasonable na yung 1899 ha! might just upgrade if this thing from the other network doesn't work out. (bad customer service. ang kukulit pa ng telemarketers. haha!)

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