The Evolution of a Home

It was January 2, 2007. Hubby and I were talking about life and family. It dawned on us that we have to get ourselves the independence that we must have, the freedom from in-laws and the freedom from other people's nuisance, if there is.

We did not have money that time, and when we went to the company who provides housing loan c/o Pag-ibig, they said they needed P5,000 for reservation of a house. Now it was after the New Year celebration, and our wallets are just too thin to ever contain that amount, I asked Hubby's cousin if she could lend me that amount in order for us to have that lot reserved.

January 5, I have had the P5,000, reserved the house and lot. And goodness only knows what happened next.

It was May 24, the letter stated Pag-ibig has granted us the house we were applying for, and come June 24, starts the 1st amortization of the house. We were so happy, but we kept it a secret from the folks, Hubby's mom is against the idea of having a loan of which you have to pay 25 years while you live in it.

It was not until we celebrated our eldest's birthday in October that we decided to bring the in-laws to our new house, it was then they knew about our little secret.

And since it's no secret anymore, here's a glimpse of our humble home. Enjoy everyone!

our humble house, and the carport

the kitchen/dining area

this is our living room area

the kids' room
As you may notice, I have posted here, the pics as our house evolved into a lovely home. The pictures abouve were taken when we had the first ocular inspection of the house. No furnitures yet, nothing inside but love and hope for a better living.

A few months after that, we saved up and spent for some furnitures and fixtures for the house, we first bought this sala set and small table.

And together with this dining set, we had these items first delivered in our home.

Later on, we had two beds purchased, together with the electric fan and the other mattress foam that was ummm, robbed.

The kids loved to play in this bed, kuya sleeps on top, while the little girl rests herself in the bottom deck.

A few months of saving up for this and that, this February, we filled our house with the basics that we need, rice cooker, stove, refrigerator, cabinets (pics here), and other stuffs. And until recently, March 6, God granted us the car we have long been praying for.

April 4, I was shocked to receive a text message that the house was burglarized, and so we have decided for an instant move.

And last June 6, 2 months after we moved in, we had the house blessed and offered to God. Here are pics of the house blessing.

our welcoming area, also the front porch

this is now the kitchen/dining area, and yes, the food we served for our first event ever hosted in our own home

the layman blessing the coins we have to shower the house with

our living room/entertainment area

And here's the car we bought, only to bring us to and from our homes, offices and kids' school
not a brand new one, but it's comfortable for us. we'll get to the brand new one later, teehee.

the new (old) car, a black Nissan Altima

So, cheers to the new house and the car!

Pardon me that this took me a long time to post, but i am quite busy with business and some stuffs here in the office. I know I owe you a lot of posts but I will soon come bouncing back. I just hope you enjoyed the story of our humble HOME.

Take care everyone!




Anonymous said…
A house, a car, and a happy family living together. now that's a perfect thing to celebrate! cheers sheng!!! makiki-toast na din ako diyan. kape nga lang this morning. lol. ;)
kg said…
sheng! i love your house! ang cute! sakto lang sya sa inyong apat! sana makabisita ako dyan sometime. :)
sheng said…
@bursky: Salamat sa pakiki-toast, hehe...our dreams are being fulfilled, slowly but surely, to God be the glory.

@KG: Aabangan ko ang pagbisita mo ha, hehehe. Ipapasyal kita dito.
LOREN said…
you already possess the things that we all dream for our family. a house, a car and happy, healthy, loving family.. Ganda ng house nyo.
lito said…
congrats to yuor new home and deserved it!
BlogusVox said…
Di ba sheng, masarap at maaliwalas ang pakiramdam pag sarili mo ang bahay. Kaya yan ang pinapangarap ng kahit sinong pamilya. : )
sheng said…
@loren: hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog, i hope everyone has a happy home too...

@lito: salamat lits, with all honesty, gipangkapuyan jud ni namo... hahaha...

@blogusvox: if there's one thing i'm thankful of, it's because i have a supportive circle of close and virtual friends who inspire me so much.
Yummybite said…
sheng what a lovely house. it really fits your small family. better like that than a big one na di kayo halos magkitaan. congrats!!!
the donG said…
nice home sheng! congratulations again and i like the peaceful neighborhood and the place looks safe.
witsandnuts said…
Let's drink to that. I read this entry twice. I'm quite touched by stories like this, dreams being achieved one by one through faith and hardwork. You have a beautiful family, Sheng. =)
Reena said…
congrats sheng! it's always good to have your own home. we have the same color of the house! Hehe.

it took us some time too to complete everything when my family transferred to our current house. actually, ours had no paint yet during that time! haha. and we were all cramped in one room. eh high school palang kami nun...but through hard work, nakumpleto din eventually.

may God bless you and keep you safe always at your new crib.
Glenda said…
oh my gosh sheng, you are so blessed! nakakatuwa ka naman. you and your husband are so masipag and masinop. things are looking up for you - i will pray for your continued success.
ms firefly said…
yay, what a happy family!
nothing feels as rewarding as achieving our dreams through hard work. you and ric deserve all the happiness and success! God bless!
Garando said…
Let me congratulate you again! That's a fantastic story, I loved all the photos, your new house is so homey! You and your family are so deserving of all these blessings and I am soooo HAPPY for you!
Bem said…
galing, sheng! i'm really happy for you and your family. you have everything na - your own home, a new car and a healthy and happy family. haay... ang sarap sa pakiramdam.
onyxx said…
hey, good for you. buti ka pa. me, i'd been thinking about doing this for years but i can never seem to go through with it. i hope your family will enjoy living there :)
jeanny said…
lovely home Sheng. Again congratulation sis.

Ano aral na tayo mag drive :)
mordsith said…
i am soooo happy for you and your family. i know that you and your hubby spent so much effort to having these things. your home looks lovely and lively. :)
NenNen said…
Hi Sheng,

Thats so nice and inspiring. That must be a home built with love and dreams. Congrats! and ang cute mga anak mo. Haha. Sila talaga nakaagaw pansin sakin cute kuha nila. Perfect you have a boy and a girl. Wow! You are blessed.
Blue Rose said…
congratulations sheng! complete na, house, car and a happy family. *cheers*
Kayni said…
congratulations! i love the new house and the car. warm blessings to your family and to your new home.
princess_dyanie said…
im so happy for u sheng! congratz again! :)

ps: pwede ba makibisita pag nakadalaw ako ng gensan? ahihihi :P
Bengbeng said…
congratulations. it is a lovely home for a family. i am sure u all will b happy in that home.
Rico said…
Looks like a cozy house just right for you guys. Congratulations! Cheers!
Alice Teh said…
You and your family are blessed! Thanks for sharing with us, Sheng. I'm very happy for you. :D
Anonymous said…
i like the color of the house sheng! so eggy! so cool. i wish i could attend your house blessing though LOL
yahooo yahooo...sarap ng pakiramdam nakikita ang pinaghirapan..:)
bertN said…
You haven't moved in and buglars already broke into your home and stole stuffs! What do you do with these kind of losers? I hope they get caught, locked in jail and the keys thrown out!

You are well on your way to a dream start - a new home, a car, a great family, supportive relatives and friends. Congratulations!
Asian Traveler said…
Hey, thanks for sharing your new home. Lovely. :)

Meanwhile, I have another nerve-wracking ride entry. Curious about the The Tornado Ride? Visit my page if you have time. Have a great day. :)
Heart of Rachel said…
Congratulations on your lovely home and your car. May you build beautiful memories in your new home.

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