Thank you 2009. Welcome 2010!

Before 2009, I drafted my new year's wants and wishes, and a few resolution to myself. The 2009 resolution list included:

5. lessen my unsolicited commenting to people around me
(not that I comment bad, I just have to lessen!)
4. more time with kids and hubby
3. lessen shopping and saving more
2. getting a breather for 2009

and of course!

1. lessen my Coke intake.

Reviewing the resolutions I have made, I am convinced now that I have been a good girl. I was able to achieve them all, except I guess for number 2. 2009, although a difficult year was a busier one for me, thus, I didn't get a breather, and what I got me was an abused body, thus, before the year ended, the body asked for rest, and I am giving it one, now.

KG, like me, would like to totally ban Coke in her life. I know it is difficult, the reason why I cannot say totally ban, but lessen. This year, the same resolution goes for me. I believe I made good in my number 1 resolution last year, but this remains on my list until I am totally uninterested with that black water.

My 2009 wants/wish list included:

And how it came to be:

5. Buy a laptop. Check! Hubby's kuya
4. Buy our LCD TV. We already have a Sony Bravia! Yippee!
3. Buy new cabinets for our own house.
We did, by February, we already have new cabinets.
2. Buy a car. Check!
1. Move into our own house! Done!

Thank you 2009, although the year has been a difficult one, we still managed to hold still, and move on, and be hopeful for 2010.

For 2010 though, here goes my random wants and wishes.

1. Be debt-free before 2011.
2. Hopefully, to get myself a new job.
3. To discipline myself that a daily exercise is important.
4. Read as many books as I can.
5. To be more prayerful.
6. Save up for kids' schooling needs, as Tabebs will be entering pre-school this June.
7. Save up for a fat bank account, in order to get a chance to travel with the whole family.
8. Blog as often as I can.
9. Visit Mom ad Dad in Koronadal as often as we can.
10. Quality time with the family.

I wish I could accomplish all these things. I pray for a better year ahead of us. And before I end this year, allow me to thank you my friends for being with me and my family's roller coaster ride in 2009. You have been my inspiration why I keep blogging and pouring out what I feel in this online journal. It is your comments that make me think again about the negatives in life. I just wish you all the best this 2010, and may we all be prosperous!

Thank you so much!

From my family to yours, Happy New Year!


sHenG, Ric and kids!


Lantaw said…
Happy New Year to you and your family Sheng! Regards to Ric and the kds
kg said…
wow! check lahat ng asa wishlist ha! yay for you!!!

and go for the decrease in coke intake!

all the best for you and your family this 2010 sheng! :)
Redlan said…
Happy new year to you and to your whole family. More blessings for the year of the tiger!
princess_dyanie said…
Happy New Year Sheng and to your family! Cheers to a great 2010! :)
witsandnuts said…
A happier new year to you and your family!
mightydacz said…
happy new year sheng and to ur family

oi medyo pareho tayo na ayaw na gawin for 2010 ang bawasan ang pag inom ng softdrinks lol at ang pagshopping lol
Lawstude said…
Good Luck on the Resolutions. Happy New Year Sheng. All the best in 2010.
Anonymous said…
hey sheng, wishing you all the best of 2010 and beyond! God bless all of us. =)
onyxx said…
good luck to your NY resolution. happy new year :)
jeanny said…
great list. Wishing you and your family a happier 2010!

Love yah Shengskie
Daxi Weida said…
now lang nakapag-bloghop uli.. happy new year to you and your family, sheng!... ako, ang wish ko mailagay ang blog ko sa blogroll mo, hehehe, joke lang pero pwede rin seryosohin :D
Anonymous said…
ilang years ko na resolution yung lessen coke intake...

ngayon ko lang YATA nagagawa. sprite naman. LOL.

cpsanti said…
Happy happy new year Sheng! Hope you get to accomplish all your resolutions for the year! ;-)

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