An Evaluation on my 2010


This year has been generally good to me and my family. To enumerate the things I have had the opportunity of having, I checked my oldest post regarding the 2010, and here's what I got.

Evaluating what I wanted and what happened the whole year round.

1. Be debt-free before 2011. - Well, so far as my debts have turned out to be lessened, but not really debt-free yet. And 2011 is just a few days away so I think this one's impossible to rush already. And besides, the bills are just there. Oh my!

2. Hopefully, to get myself a new job. - Done, I got a new job, nope, make it 2. An online job and one that's true, but it's only temporary, so I am crossing my fingers to a permanent post come 2011. *Help me pray for this one, please. *

3. To discipline myself that a daily exercise is important. - Major PHAIL! Hahaha, I have been too busy and too LAZY.

4. Read as many books as I can. - Uh-oh, the busy schedule got to me, I think I read the least books this year.

5. To be more prayerful. - I think I did! Yes, but I need to improve on this one.

6. Save up for kids' schooling needs, as Tabebs will be entering pre-school this June. - Yes, we did, we don't have trouble paying my kid's schooling, they are all paid up for the whole year.

7. Save up for a fat bank account, in order to get a chance to travel with the whole family. - No fat bank account, but an inactive bank account, which I think I need to already close. Hayyyzzz... Anyways, there is still room for improvement in 2011.

8. Blog as often as I can. - I think I did, with more posts this year than last year's.

9. Visit Mom ad Dad in Koronadal as often as we can. - Uh-oh again, this makes me a guilty child. I have not been there as often as I could but i tell you, I have improved as compared to last year.

10. Quality time with the family. If you base it on quality time, we did have had a lot of that, and we had been blessed with understanding and peace in my family. The quantity of time, I could not be sure, because of everything in 2010 that's been a whirlwind of events, but the quality, I can tell you I have succeeded in this.

My next post will be on the things I want to do in 2011, and what I want to improve, so there! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


dong ho said…
Yes, we did, we don't have trouble paying my kid's schooling, they are all paid up for the whole year.>>> this is one of the most important achievement. galing galing!
princess_dyanie said…
Merry Christmas dearie!!! :)
Reena said…
ang galing naman sheng. i agree with dom. okay lng na failure ung sa ibang goals. pero sa kids, very impt yun. :) i hope by next year ma-achieve mo na other goals mo.

merry Christmas!!!
upto6only said…
Merry Christmas Sheng. I know you can have your wishlist :) You've been a very good girl (hahaha parang si santa ako)

Thanks for being a friend :)

God Bless to you and your family. Hope to see you again.
Mimi said…
I find that the best way to save is to set aside a small amount the moment you get yr salary. Somehow we always manage with what is there. If we wait for something extra left behind after all the bills are paid, somehow it never works out.
BlogusVox said…
We may not get all the "wants" we like but one thing I could say; You are one responsible parents.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, sheng!
Lawstude said…
happy holidays sheng and ric and i am so glad to have met both of you this year. sa susunod na pagkikita :)
kg said…
kaya yang sheng!

i'm excited to see what you want to accomplish in 2011!
iluvgreen said…
1, 2, 3,5 and 8 are the things i need to accomplish in 2011. A debt-free 2011, let's pray for that sheng.

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