Small Surprises

When we got home last night, my 5-year old daughter was very excited to show me her drawing, it's been everyday that she presents her achievements in school whether it be a perfect score in her subjects or a good smiley tattoo on the hand to mark her good job.

But I noticed that after my birthday, she has become busy on drawings and even making them into cards and last night, when we arrived, she showed this to us:

I was very happy. A complete family, and I could not ask for more. Knowing your daughter loves you even in her drawings is very sweet.

Now, who cannot be surprised with that? It may be a small surprise but I loved it anyway. It erased my sadness from the fact that my old phone, which the hubby now uses, was silently taken from his pocket by the "laglag-barya gang" yesterday morning on his way to the office. He said he was holding on to his backpack and a guy who has an accomplice with him, dropped a coin on the tricycle and was looking for it under the seats making him lift his jeans up. No way did he understand that all was "modus" for discreetly taking his property from him. He only noticed his phone was missing when he was already in the office. Now, who would ever think they were "devils" because the two wore really professional-looking clothes, fronting an office employee with a laptop bag. Darn!

But then again, I am thankful he was not harmed. Had he noticed the incident, who knows what he might have done and what those bastards could have done to him.

But thank God for small surprises!


kg said…
ang sweet naman ni tabebs!!! it's nice to have children like that! :)

thank God nga nothing happened to your husband! kainis mga magnanakaw ano! pinaghihirapan ng mga tao ang kung ano man meron sila tapos these crooks just take these things away in a second!
upto6only said…
nakaka-surprise talaga. sarap makatanggap ng ganyan talaga from your kids diba talagang mapapa-smile ka.

naku haayan mo na yung cellphone. as long safe and sound si husband.
mordsith said…
ay napaka-sweet naman! at color coordinated ang men and women of the family ah! =)
bertN said…
These light-fingered losers are everywhere in the world. I wish the authorities cut one or two of their fingers each time they are caught.
dong ho said…
may mga ganyan na rin pala diyan.

kakatuwa talaga at may masaya kayong pamilya Sheng. kaya keep up the love.
docgelo said…
i miss gabby more while reading your post. he also makes drawings of our family and used to show it to us like what your daughter did.

tama, at least nawalan na lang, hindi nasaktan...

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