Updates on my No Spend Month Challenge

Last month, I challenged myself to a NO Spend month starting July 19, and yesterday, it ended. I want to congratulate myself for at least not getting tempted at even the small things that look cute or smells good or something I think is really sexy on me. I practiced frugality, really, and even if my pocket wanted to burst with eagerness to buy a new blouse to be used for my latest interview, I did not shell out a dime.

It was hard knowing I could not eat on fine dining restaurants, and I could not drop by the mall to buy stuffs I want even if there was this 10-day sale going on at Robinson's Place. I was very disciplined and I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to save, so I did.

Guess what? I spent less, maybe because my salary was actually delayed for a month and I only got to receive it just this 17th, and so when my challenge ended on the 19th, I bought myself a new white blouse which, still practicing frugality, was only 50% off the regular price of P800, and it was really a nice white blouse I have always wanted.

I learned to go directly home and not dropping by the mall for some bite. The husband and I learned to buy bread and bring home so the kids could also enjoy it. I got visitors last week but I was able to prepare good food for lunch good for 6 persons which only cost me P400 for the following dishes: sinigang na hipon, pork liempo, and seashells (imbao or halaan). Yay!

I learned not to be tempted with ice cream, and my favorite Cornetto, nah! How i missed Cornetto, and I only dropped by the mall for groceries.

Just when I needed to save money at the first week of my No Spend challenge, I was precribed antibiotics by my doctor, and 2 kinds, ugh. But all these things went well, I bought all the meds, and regained strength right after. No need for additional meds. Bawal magkasakit.

I guess I won in the challenge. What I got was a savings of P2990, really, and after having that saved amount, I immediately deposited it in our meager bank savings.

See, it helps to save! And it helps a lot if your partner is supportive. If there's one thing I learned about this No Spend Challenge, it is that you can save for the emergency fund just by limiting what you shell out. And guess what, I can count by my fingers how many times we bought Coke.

This No Spend Challenge will then, remain!


iluvgreen said…
wow congrats sheng! and how did you manage to have a sumptous lunch just for 400 ang mahal ang hipon at liempo galing! urg sana ako rin kahit at least two weeks lang of no spending!
upto6only said…
congrats Sheng. i sometimes do that pagnagkukuripot ako. kahit na tinatakam ko ang sarili ko pag nasa mall ako i still managed not buy things that i like.

and oo nga paano mo nagawa na for 400 ang dami ng pagkain ang nagawa mo? hmmmm mura nga pala dyan kasi dito yung 400 hipon pa lang :D
jeanny said…
oo nag ang dami ng 400 mo ah. Dito nga hipon lang hehehe.
Congrast Shengskie. :-)
Ibyang said…
congratulations! well done, sheng. we did a full month of this last year and it was truly fulfilling.
Anonymous said…
job well done, sheng! :) if the challenge is still on, just keep at it! aja!

i find it most difficult to control spending is with streetfood. akala mo mura lang pero pag naipon yung mga P10.00 at P5.00 mo sa fishballs, palamig, etc, aabot din ng P100.00! haha!
Grace de Castro said…
very good sheng! why not make it a lifestyle? ;)

i'm having success with my no-spend too! i'm buying only what is needed. although sometimes, i treat myself, i think i'm not going beyond what is just right. :)
anney said…
Congrats! Gusto kong gawin to 2 months ago naku po ang hirap kasi tuwing sunday nasa mall kami. Siguro ang dapat kong gawin e wag muna mag mall.hehehe! nakaka tempt kasi hina ko pa namn sa ganyan. I can't resist cute things! Pero subukan ko pa rin ang challenge na to.

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