Best Gift I Got for Christmas

One of the best things I got this Christmas is a stamp album I have been longing to have since I started collecting them. I started collecting way back in high school and I have been wanting a good stamp album other than old photo albums cum stamp album I made.

Stamp albums are expensive, seriously, and I don't think my parents would have approved of buying one for me. And so this, with 16 leaves and 8 lines for the stamps, this one will be good. But then, I definitely will need more as my collection is already a large one.

Thanks to my best friend for bringing this home to me. What a Merry Christmas!

Any traders out there?


Eds said…
wow! what a nice gift.
dong ho said…
i remember having one when i was growing up but not as good as this one.

i actually started to collect stamps again. ill try to check if i have some extra for you.
sheng said…
@Eds: I have always loved my collections, it keeps me sane. I collect stamps and foreign currencies too!

@dongho: Please bring it when you visit Gensan again, thanks!
doc anna said…
wow! i remember my sister when we were young. She also loves to collect stamps. :)
bertN said…
My wife enjoys stamp collecting, too. I still don't know why she collects stamps but I pretend to enjoy looking at them when she does, because the alternative is deadly - she might burn her collection with me stamped with them LOL. Just being silly.
Anonymous said…
i think that is really cool sheng. i don't know if there are still a lot of people into stamps now but i think it is a cool interest.
Reena said…
i collected stamps too back in gradeschool. but i lost interest and gave everything to my best friend. Not sure if she continued collecting them. i hope you find someone to trade with!

happy new year sheng and more blessings in the new year!
kg said…
you collect stamps pala? nice!

sorry pero wala ako ma cocontribute. hehe!

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