Hello 2012

If 2010 has been a not-so-good year for me because of so many things and the misfortunes it has brought me (we lost the car, I resigned from work, too many pressures and stress from old work and more...), this 2011 has brought me so much good fortunes and there's one that will never leave me floating till the next 40 or so years, my employment. Passing the CS exams, getting the regular job in DOLE and bagging the Best Personal Blog for the Philippine Blog Awards (Mindanao) are just three of the few reasons why I and my family love 2011. It is a pity that it has to go in a matter of 18 hours as I write my year-end post. But all things have endings, and we have no choice but to look forward to a new beginning. 2011 has been very good to us, maybe because we have been working so hard too, I have become a better wife this 2011 and we have less fights as a couple. The kids are doing great and healthy, my kids have been having good grades despite my usual absence during their times of review, but still, they continue to excel in their school.

2011 has brought me a lot of gifts, if I should say it, and I feel that the Lord is telling me to take care of the gifts that 2011 has given me. This 2012, I should be more productive with work, more obedient and caring as a wife and more patient as a mother. I should be enjoying and loving work, and less the complaints even there is a reason to complain.

Though we have received far less materials gifts than 2010 did, the bountiful blessings like physical and emotional health, and many others are far better than the tangible ones. I have gained a lot of friends in 2011, and aside from the day job, my online employer continues to hire me in writing more articles and is very patient with me even if I cannot regularly submit write-ups, meaning, my Paypal is still very active.

What I miss with what 2011 brought though, is the opportunity to travel. I haven't done much travels in 2011, maybe a few like the trip to Samal with the kids, and the visit to see the Cotabato Floods. So this 2012, I hope for a year with travels, hopefully not only for me but my entire family as well.

But more than all these, I wish for a safe Philippines this 2012. No more floods, no more wars, less political tension, healthy citizenry, more employment for those who need it, peace and order in different places, and abundance everywhere. I know all these may not be very possible, but I will be praying for these things to be poured upon all of us.

I do not have much material things to ask for, I think I'm good and contented with what I have, but a new car before 2012 bids goodbye is in my bucket list.

Goodbye 2011!

Happy 2012 to everyone!


Marian said…
Happy New Year to you and your family. hope makadalaw ka sa Manila :)
Rence said…
Happy new year!!!
dong ho said…
indeed a great year for you Sheng! great recognitions and a happy family life. this i really admire.

cheers to more years in blogging and living a good life!

see you in march!
The Scud said…
Happy New Year, Sheng! And more blessings to come! :D
kg said…
happy new year sheng! hope to see you soon!
Eds said…
Happy New Year Sheng!
bertN said…
Have a great 2012!
joanharvest said…
Happy New Year Sheng! I am glad to see that you are still blogging and also congratulations on the Best Blog award. That is a great honor. I would like to see everyone strive to be better people in 2012. Hopefully I will be blogging more in 2012.

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