Valentine's Day Work

Yes, even on Valentine's Day. I was out, I went to Polomolok, South Cotabato, 45 minutes away from my workplace and I spent half of the Valentine's Day orienting barangay captains about

I really have no idea how I came to be teaching people, even high profile people like barangay captains and barangay officials, giving them talks about the program of the department which I represent. It is as much an honor as it is a task for me to be telling and sharing to people what I know about

But no, I am not going to talk to you about the site, instead, I want you to know that I have been working even on Valentine's Day, but fortunately, the orientation ended a little past 12 at noon and I was dismissed early by the boss I was with that time. She's that sweet and considerate because it was the Day of Hearts.

People have been telling me how come I have been too busy, but I say I am enjoying that's why I care less if I am busy, the important thing is that, I am earning, learning and sharing.

Service above self, I guess that's what is eating my time, but of course, I have the family to take care of and that's still top priority to me!

How did your Valentine's Day go?


jeanny said…
I went to work too. was busy but made sure to finish everything COB kasi may date kami ni hubz. We had dinner at a resto :-)
dei said…
i've been busy, too, and missed commenting on blogger friends' sites din! :( finding balance ulit but all is well. valentine's day was simple -- dinner at home with a home-cooked pasta dish. :) solb na din.
BlogusVox said…
A text greeting for my wife, katalo na.
bertN said…
How did my Valentin's Day go? I was in the backyard drinking my ice cold beer while my wife mowed the lawn. I AM JUST KIDDING!!
dyosa said…
How did my Valentine's Day go? Pinuno ko ang mundo ko ng pagmamahal.

Masyadong ma-keso. :)
kg said…
i love to teach! yan anh secret dream ko! haha!

i don't really celebrate valentines sheng...even if i'm not single. haha! ewan kung bakit. for me, it's just one of those "regular" days.

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