Aklat Para sa SIKAT

It's back to school time! And while we are busy with shopping for our kids' school supplies, books, uniforms, and other school needs, let us realize that there are many other kids whose parents cannot afford for their schooling, thus this project.

This activity from and with the Black Pencil Project provides opportunity for the kids to learn to read, do something worthwhile even if they cannot go to school, and add to their library of learning through the old books that we are to donate.

I have always been supportive of these kinds of events because I feel for the kids. Last year, I and a good friend from South Cotabato was able to give away school supplies for the kids in Kinilis. By visiting the place, I was able to realize that the kids are very eager to learn had they had enough means to do so. With this, I am asking for your benevolent support to help the kids in Lake Sebu in their quest for education and learning.

If you want to help, you may also contact me through this blog or those in-charge as mentioned in the poster. Even though how small, our friends in the mountainous areas of Lake Sebu will benefit much from what old books are in our library.

For those in Luzon area, my friend, Prinsesa Musang is hosting an ongoing "The Notebook Project". Please hop on over to her blog for details on how you can support our advocacies.


docgelo said…
bless you and your family for having a ready helping hand and may your generosity be infectious!
Photo Cache said…
amen to docgelo's comments. hope you get a lot of support this year.
sheng said…
docgelo: Thank you for your kind words. You are too kind.

@Photo Cache: It is good and fulfilling to share your blessings, that is why I'd love to give when I have enough.
a very good project that will certainly have a good result....

I have a section in my blog for "advocacies" and I'm kinda interested putting this advocacy to show my support. I wanna ask permission for it.

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