A Late Night Chitchat with THE Rivermaya Boys

I am an avid fan of RIVERMAYA. I went gaga over this band and had to shout it out the very first time here in my blog

They are one of the most influential and critically acclaimed Rock Band in the country. Way back in college, I bought all their cassette tapes because I just feel very much connected with their songs. The original band composed of Bamboo, Rico Blanco, Perf de Castro, Mark Escueta and Nathan Azarcon were just undeniably good, and they produce real good music, pleasant to the ears that I can relate so much to the music and the lyrics though I am not much of a good singer myself. I even had to share my tapes over Facebook to show that I am a real fan. 

Lately, a good friend, Irene, was posting pictures about her experiences with these boys. And I told her that I am a huge fan of the band, even until now that some of the members are new to include Norby David, Mike Elgar, Ryan Peralta except for Mark Escueta who's been keeping the band intact since he first stepped in.

My favorites in the general discography include 214,  Shattered Like, Ulan, Awit ng Kabataan, Hinahanap-hanap Kita, Kisapmata, Is it Sunny Where You are, Himala, You'll Be Safe Here and Liwanag sa Dilim. 

When I saw a poster that they'd be coming over for a gig and a foam party here in the city, I immediately contacted Irene to let her know I'd want a side experience with the boys too and so she arranged it for me. I had to contact Raymond, their new manager and he was very generous to accommodate me and a friend to join them for dinner and chitchat, and the boys not only gave me a minute or two, they gave me two hours of fun talk and story-telling that it felt surreal being surrounded by cool guys of my most favorite band. Mike Elgar was the talkative one and I enjoyed all his stories while they were having their late dinner. Raymond, the manager kept me glued to my seat as I listen to him telling me their experiences as a band and what challenges they face because of the technology and the diverse music material that they are surrounded with. So much competition but a tough band is hard to topple, and Rivermaya, since 1994 has been up and about in every situation. Raymond is a very friendly guy, and I must admit, Rivermaya is lucky to have him now.

I remember having to watch many of their shows when I was in college, wherever they go, I follow for as long it's near. And I love them to bits until now.

I couldn't miss the chance to have my cassette tapes signed by the guys and so I had to grab every chance I get to a photo-op. And these are what made my Saturday night AWESOME. 

Pardon some pics, my photographer was too starstruck shaken to capture a good photo, but nonetheless, it was an AWESOME Night with Rivermaya! 

Thank you Raymond for a good night, and for allowing me to chitchat with your boys!

Thank you, Irene for the connection!  


Irene said…
Photo Cache said…
that is really awesome. it's not everyday that you get to be close to your idols let alone spend time talking to them. once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. happy for you.
SunnyToast said…
So happy for you:) I'm also a big fun of this band:) highschool days!

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