Of Achievements and Recognitions

Their Recognition Day was set on May 24. I wasn’t there even if parents were supposed to be present. I was attending a Supervisory Training for 5 days in Koronadal City where, had she called for me, I would have immediately came.

She didn’t call me to join her, so I thought it was just fine. I understand that recognitions in Pisay are hard to achieve. Their standards are quite high. So I settled with the fact that she didn’t get to the cut.

Then on May 30, the teacher sent a SMS and explained how she made this huge mistake of not sending my daughter on the stage for her winning moment on the fourth recognition day. Turned out that she submitted a wrong file to the awards committee hence missing out my daughter’s name. She was very apologetic. 
I called my husband after having received the message and both of us were in unison of thoughts that we shall dismiss that part on the neglect of the teacher to submit the name of our daughter to the awards committee but focus on what should be a b…

Meantime, This is How I Am

I could last all day just talking about how I am feeling lately, but things are supposed to get back into its fine mode once I get my strength back.

I'm not busy,  but I sure feel tired every day.I have been given one additional hand in finishing up one program but the rest of my programs are still handled by me alone. The funny thing is, I'm really not yet as busy as the past few days has been. I have actually stopped being the hero that will answer all concerns because I think that each employee given their own share of tasks are supposed to take care of their programs, and they are answerable to it. Still, I just can't help it that I have to give a hand each time there's a need to. I am such a natural hero. I am feeling unhealthy. The past months as I quietly breathe by my lonesome, I feel the need to consume more and more calci-blockers because the BP is way too high. Even if I don't feel any symptom at all, I feel paranoid that one day I will just die not knowi…

Learning about Her 28-Day Cycle

I have nothing but great appreciation to male buddies who are supportive to their female partners especially when they have their monthly periods. As we all know, these monthly visits are quite the contrary of "comfort".

But what really does happen when Aunt Flo has come? When we women, have our periods, sometimes we get a little "moody". Sometimes too, a little is just an understatement.

To understand our body better, and what makes us a little cranky during those visits, here's a short but simple way to describe it.

The Beginning ●Days 1-2: The first day of your cycle is the first day of your period. Tissue and blood lining your uterus is the blood otherwise known as your period. Estrogen is low and women often experience fatigue and cramps. You might not feel like it but these days would be good days to exercise. Your mood might not be so great and your energy level is low.

Feel Good
●Days 3-5: Estrogen begins to increase towards the end of your period. This hor…

Let It Flow!

Happy New Year!

It's a new year, and they say it's time to start right! And because I wanted to start right for 2019, I am facing my fears!  And when it comes to facing fears, one of mine is being able to face my monthly visits with a twisting pain because of menstrual cramps due to dysmenorrhea. And a bad case of reds can stain the car seat. Darn!

So when Jeunesse came into my life as introduced by Chiclet, I was amazed at how efficiently it helps in controlling/managing girl problems. And here are the reasons why you should believe me!

9 Reasons To Use Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins1. Special Anion ChipEach Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin has a special anion chip that brings a lot of advantages, and most notably of which are: helps prevent bacteria during menstruation, helps reduce feminine discomfort, and helps eliminate unwanted odors. Click here to read the full benefits of Anions. 2. Beneficial IonsUpon getting in contact with moisture, the Anion chip in a Jeunesse pad relea…

Finally, I Can Drive!

Back in 2010 when we had our first second-hand Nissan Altima, I had the guts to try to man the wheel with the husband as my instructor. After a few days of consistent fighting, because both of us could only disagree about mechanical stuff, I gave up on driving. 
In December last year, we acquired Sylver, a brand new 2017 Ford Ecosport which the main function is supposed to bring the husband to and from Davao City should he be transferred assignment there. Since the husband's agency doesn't have any inkling of how much we wanted him nearer, and since he is still waiting for that order of transfer, I had to decide in getting educated in driving. At first, I had no intention of learning how to drive because I have had two road accidents which involved the vehicles I was riding. The first one in 2014 in Butuan where we hit a child. And the other one was last year when a vehicle tire came zooming up towards us, I on the front passenger side. Man, those were too traumatic I had nig…

My Two Cents on Sharing Fake News and Plagiarism and Journalism

My friends who have been sharing fake news and confusing statuses with confusing memes have tasted some pieces of good advice from me to stop sharing them as they add to the confusion and conflict in this already crazy world we have. However, there are still some, who, despite their professional statuses, would continue sharing these things deliberately. To what reason or purpose, I do not know. But for me, it is disappointing and shows complete lack of tact, and probably an ignorance of their common sense, if they do have that.
Way before bloggers made their way in the government and/or political arena, I have been into blogging and worked in the publishing industry for eight years. Moreover, blogging has become a part of my food on the table, and I have also enjoyed perks that go along with the title "blogger". 
And then Mocha Uson and Sass Sasot came into the picture, and even more bloggers... and everything became blurry. They who have been sharing intriguing and contro…

A Good Body Rest at Body Rest Spa

You know how it is with audits. It gets a little cerebral sometimes. No, not sometimes, it should be most times. 
The office's quest towards transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 has been exhilarating. While it is true that a good Quality Management System may help tasks to lighten up or be organized, many of my colleagues think otherwise. Yet, we have no choice but move towards continual improvement. 

So we traveled from Koronadal City to Tacurong City, that is 4 hours round trip for an audit if you are coming from General Santos City. That was a Wednesday, and come Thursday, I was on my way to North Cotabato, 6 hours round trip travel because again, Audit. And then Friday came, I was the one being audited. As an Internal Quality Auditor (IQA), these tasks are pretty tiring, finding non-conformities or looking for ways to improve the service of the office. It can be pretty taxing to a physical body especially when you are working with your brains and eyes, and the bo…