Wednesday, March 16

The Waiting Game

I have made myself quite anxious for a month now. Well, almost. 

I applied for a position that I really wanted but since this is a government post, I have undergone the tedious process of selection and promotion - exams, interviews, and the paranoia of waiting for the result. 

Of course, it is a valid feeling when we get excited for the result of something we have been waiting for. 

Just like this promotion, I guess I am excited because I want the anxiety to end. I have been sleepless for a number of days last week, and have been fighting the urge to wake up in the middle of the night overthinking about my actions. Did I sound good in the interview? Have I made myself clear in my intentions? Was I articulate in my answers? Did they see me competent? And many others... 

The election ban is nearing (March 25) and we are all waiting for the 4 positions to be filled, as appointments are actually made by the Central Office. 

I may also be under a lot of stress lately because my headaches haven't subsided. There must be something wrong with me but I fear for what I will discover. Pretty sure the husband will be mad at me for tolerating the pain a tad longer. Must be the hormones though. 

So let's wait and see. After all, I have made a vow to always make a better version of myself, with or without the promotion.   

"Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment to act." 

- Paulo Coelho


Saturday, January 16

The Case of the Coconuts

So after less than three months, the husband flew back to the concrete jungle of Metro Manila for work as he was quite needed there. No, not quite. I guess he was really needed there. 

And so, after eighty-four (84) days here in Gensan, 14 of those days spent in quarantine when he arrived, I am back to being alone with the kids and trying to live. 

While he was here, he was the same man I married, that guy who would do the laundry, sweep the floor, do carpentry, clean the bathroom, fix some broken things, cook, and most importantly, clean the car!

He was also home to drive me back and forth to the office, or the grocery. And spoiled I am, 'coz for a short while, I was able to just lay on the couch while I watch him do the dishes, fix the table, and wait for him to call when dinner was ready. 

But lo and behold, some things are meant to end! 

So on Friday, January 15, I brought him to the airport. It was painful, but I have to admit that he is doing this for the family.

Again, I am expected to live. And with it comes the difficulties of having no man to be in charge of the house. 

So we were given three coconut heads - buko! My favorite drink. As I have wanted to avoid buying Cokes, buko juice is a personal favorite drink. But not the hardship I have encountered with opening the shell. Ugh!

So I tried to crack open the coconut with a blade that was quite unfriendly. Plus the fact that the shell was really difficult to crack open! The struggle was real!

I remember how some men in the family open coconut heads. They are unlike that mess I have made. I have practically chopped off everything before I came across that little pinhole for the water to come out. And when I wanted the meat, that was a different story. 

Natadtad ng maayos ang buko before I let go of it. Sadly, the two other coconuts were of the same story. Mas painful ng sobra ang naranasan nila sa aking mga kamay. 😆😆😆

“A man does what he can; a woman does what a man cannot.”
― Isabel Allende, Inés of My Soul     



Wednesday, June 5

Of Achievements and Recognitions

Their Recognition Day was set on May 24. I wasn’t there even if parents were supposed to be present. I was attending a Supervisory Training for 5 days in Koronadal City where, had she called for me, I would have immediately came. 

She didn’t call me to join her, so I thought it was just fine. I understand that recognitions in Pisay are hard to achieve. Their standards are quite high. So I settled with the fact that she didn’t get to the cut. 

Then on May 30, the teacher sent a SMS and explained how she made this huge mistake of not sending my daughter on the stage for her winning moment on the fourth recognition day. Turned out that she submitted a wrong file to the awards committee hence missing out my daughter’s name. She was very apologetic. 

I called my husband after having received the message and both of us were in unison of thoughts that we shall dismiss that part on the neglect of the teacher to submit the name of our daughter to the awards committee but focus on what should be a better thing to do. 

I felt bad after having talked to my daughter about it. She explained to me that she also expected to be on the honors list after comparing her Math exams results to other students/classmates. She said that her grades were better than those who were up the stage for Director's List. However, she also thought that her grades in Computer Science may have failed her to get to the cut. 
I understand her pain as she was crying while telling me those things. But she was very understanding as well when I told her about the honest mistake that her adviser was able to commit. I told her that the going onstage for the Recognition Day may be important but more important to me and her Dad was the fact that she was exerting all her efforts to be better each day in school. She understood. 

As a sister and daughter to teachers, I understand how these things could happen. And I know that there will come a time when the stress will be too high should a parent just turn this issue into a balloon. I’d rather dismiss it while acknowledging the fact that the teacher was very apologetic.

So even if it’s late, I am posting this because I am proud of my kids who have become better in their studies, and who proves to us that they are putting all efforts to value our weary days put into work. 

Congratulations Raine Cassandra Dumalay! Mommy and Daddy love you and Ric Chris Dee so much!

Wednesday, May 15

Meantime, This is How I Am

I could last all day just talking about how I am feeling lately, but things are supposed to get back into its fine mode once I get my strength back.

  • I'm not busy,  but I sure feel tired every day.
    • I have been given one additional hand in finishing up one program but the rest of my programs are still handled by me alone. The funny thing is, I'm really not yet as busy as the past few days has been. I have actually stopped being the hero that will answer all concerns because I think that each employee given their own share of tasks are supposed to take care of their programs, and they are answerable to it. Still, I just can't help it that I have to give a hand each time there's a need to. I am such a natural hero. 
  • I am feeling unhealthy. 
    • The past months as I quietly breathe by my lonesome, I feel the need to consume more and more calci-blockers because the BP is way too high. Even if I don't feel any symptom at all, I feel paranoid that one day I will just die not knowing it. The 160/110 has been the latest consistent BP. And with the way I monitor it, it gives me heartburns. 
    • Yes, I think I need to go see a doctor. I am really going to see a doctor. I cannot afford to leave this earth without seeing my grandchildren, I swear.   
    • I am sick. Migraine keeps visiting me daily. Damn.
  • I am lonely. 
    • When Kuya decided he would leave for his studies in Manila, my world crumbled. I did not expect that my eldest would make me feel so alone. But we asked him, we even tried to convince him that Manila is not for him. That what is in Manila can be anywhere in Gensan. That he has already shown to us that he is ready for college by passing the entrance exams of major schools in Manila except for that one big school where he dreamed of going. But he has decided, FEU it is. 
    • And so I will be alone most weekdays as Tabebs is also studying an hour away from me, and stays in the dormitory on weekdays.
    • I have yet to accept the fact that I am getting older and eventually the kids will leave us for their own happiness.    
  • I am sad. 
    • Dismayed at the result of the 2019 midterm elections. There were a number of glitches that were too obvious that transparency hasn't been real, at all. But nevertheless, I am but one small voice so I will just keep mum about it. I guess, the voice of God has been heard, if indeed it is the voice of GOD. 
    • My candidates did not win, most of them. But I am not sad that they did not win. I am sadder that the attitude of people trying to sabotage each other because of their political affiliations has been too rude, too brutal and for me, too personal. They hurt each other with sad unkind words that they should not be spewing. I am sad that we hit each other with hurtful words but was not able to judge our own ways. 
  • I am angry. 
    • Somebody just took her freedom to say hurtful words about me without having to ask me for validation. This makes me sad because we used to be really good friends. I hate to let go of a friendship that started genuinely, but berating me surely offended me. I have to let go of a friendship that was ruined by people who intends to put my name to shame for reasons I am not aware of. God bless you.  
  • I need a new hobby. 
    • I was invited to teach in college. I want to. But weekends are the only time I have for my daughter.  And I just cannot leave her alone on weekends. Cross-stitch again? My eyes are not that superb anymore. Reading? That's a staple. Any recos? Blog-hopping? Yes! Please be there for me when I visit!
  • I need a vacation. 
    • Yes. I think I need a good vacation. I am trying my best to book a good vacation with the kids. Probably very soon. 
Thank you for dropping by! 
Have a good day! 

Monday, May 6

Learning about Her 28-Day Cycle

I have nothing but great appreciation to male buddies who are supportive to their female partners especially when they have their monthly periods. As we all know, these monthly visits are quite the contrary of "comfort".

But what really does happen when Aunt Flo has come? When we women, have our periods, sometimes we get a little "moody". Sometimes too, a little is just an understatement.

To understand our body better, and what makes us a little cranky during those visits, here's a short but simple way to describe it.

The Beginning
        Days 1-2: The first day of your cycle is the first day of your period. Tissue and blood lining your uterus is the blood otherwise known as your period. Estrogen is low and women often experience fatigue and cramps. You might not feel like it but these days would be good days to exercise. Your mood might not be so great and your energy level is low.

Feel Good

        Days 3-5: Estrogen begins to increase towards the end of your period. This hormone helps boost endorphins or your brain’s “feel good” chemicals. The same one that is released during exercise. Your energy also rises along with the rise in estrogen and ultimately this is you feel more upbeat at this time.
On Top of the World
        Days 6-9: With your estrogen up, you are sure to feel more beautiful and energetic. And it’s no wonder because your skin is glowing and your face looks more symmetrical. Testosterone also rises during this time and you are most likely to feel unstoppable and on top of your game.

Bringing Sexy Back
        Days 10-13: You are now approaching your ovulation which means you are feeling sexiest. You are most fertile during these days and women who want to become pregnant have the best chances of conception when they try at this window until ovulation day. Your orgasms are more intense and are attainable during sex. Estrogen levels are at the highest and women feel best emotionally and physically.

Hello, Ovulation
        Day 14: For most period cycles, ovulation happens on this day. Ovulation is when an egg is released from the ovary. This egg lives for 12 to 24 hours. There is also a sudden hormone change during ovulation, which may intensify your emotions and tiredness.

Watch What You Eat
        Days 19-22: Estrogen level begins to drop while testosterone surges if you are not pregnant. Your skin might be producing more oil than usual. This means you might be experiencing breakouts or sensitive skin. This is a good time for you to eat healthy.

Ending the Cycle
        Day 23-28: If you are not pregnant, your estrogen and progesterone levels continue to drop. You may begin to experience bloating and sluggishness. The quick change in your hormones is also responsible for your quick changes in mood.  This is a good time for you to boost your serotonin levels through exercise and to cope with breast soreness. You should also reduce your intake of sugar, make sure to stay hydrated, and reduce your caffeine intake.

An unfertilized egg will soon leave your body together with the uterine lining that your body created in preparation for possible pregnancy. Once your period begins, you go back to Day 1 in the period cycle.

Jeunesse Anion pads help with the cramping and dysmenorrhea through the anions released by the strip. These anions “bind to the positively charged ions (of the body) which restricts the movement through the ion channel,” says the research result of Yasmin Endañol, UP Diliman Institute of Chemistry. “If there are no ions available for movement, the channels will remain closed, and signals will not be transmitted. Thus, pain felt by the user during dysmenorrhea is lessened to a minimum.”

This year, Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins and Liner wants to help women and all the men in their lives understand what happens during the 28-day cycle. #PeriodStory is a short series with 4 can’t-miss romantic comedy videos that’s sure to relate with all the women who’ve encountered mishaps because of their monthly visitor—and the men who’ve had to learn a thing or two about being a woman!

Watch out for this short series by liking Jeunesse Anion on Facebook today.

Tuesday, January 8

Let It Flow!

Happy New Year!

It's a new year, and they say it's time to start right! And because I wanted to start right for 2019, I am facing my fears!  And when it comes to facing fears, one of mine is being able to face my monthly visits with a twisting pain because of menstrual cramps due to dysmenorrhea. And a bad case of reds can stain the car seat. Darn!

So when Jeunesse came into my life as introduced by Chiclet, I was amazed at how efficiently it helps in controlling/managing girl problems. And here are the reasons why you should believe me!

9 Reasons To Use Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkins

1. Special Anion Chip

Each Jeunesse Anion Sanitary Napkin has a special anion chip that brings a lot of advantages, and most notably of which are: helps prevent bacteria during menstruation, helps reduce feminine discomfort, and helps eliminate unwanted odors. Click here to read the full benefits of Anions.

2. Beneficial Ions

Upon getting in contact with moisture, the Anion chip in a Jeunesse pad releases negative ions that let’s you experience the benefits anions bring.

3. Quick Absorption

The top layer is made of a special non-woven material that is so soft to the touch. It has quick-absorbing properties that sip away moisture and wetness in an instant, leaving you feeling fresh and dry all the time.

4. Boost of Softness

Inner layers are made from dirt-free and sterilized virgin pulp material that gives a Jeunesse pad an additional boost of softness.

5. Superior Liquid Retention

Each pad contains super-absorbent polymer that gives superior liquid retention. No leaks for you, even on your heaviest days!

6. Breathable Freshness

The bottom layer is breathable, giving you more freshness. It takes away that icky, wet, and humid feeling as air flows through freely.

7. Individually Sealed for Protection

Each pad is individually wrapped and sealed all over to ensure that your anion napkin never gets in contact with dirt and bacteria. You can carry one even in your gym bag filled with sweaty clothes without the pad getting contaminated!

8. Aluminum Resealable Packaging

Its packaging is pretty and unique. It is made from aluminum foil, keeping moisture and bacteria away at all times. The best part? It is resealable!

9. Non-Toxic Glue

The glue used is special and non-toxic. We don’t want any industrial glue going anywhere near your jewel!

It's another year, and we are maturing. We should start getting in touch with people who matter most, your families and friends. And having your period is a bad way to stop you from enjoying the things that you love most, so wear Jeunesse pads so you can go freely and not worry! Just let it flow! In doing so, you are starting 2019 #PositivelyBetter! 

Sunday, April 8

Finally, I Can Drive!

Back in 2010 when we had our first second-hand Nissan Altima, I had the guts to try to man the wheel with the husband as my instructor. After a few days of consistent fighting, because both of us could only disagree about mechanical stuff, I gave up on driving. 

In December last year, we acquired Sylver, a brand new 2017 Ford Ecosport which the main function is supposed to bring the husband to and from Davao City should he be transferred assignment there. Since the husband's agency doesn't have any inkling of how much we wanted him nearer, and since he is still waiting for that order of transfer, I had to decide in getting educated in driving. At first, I had no intention of learning how to drive because I have had two road accidents which involved the vehicles I was riding. The first one in 2014 in Butuan where we hit a child. And the other one was last year when a vehicle tire came zooming up towards us, I on the front passenger side. Man, those were too traumatic I had nightmares after that.

But the present circumstance is different. The car is already available, but no one is using it. It only gets touched whenever the husband is home, which is only 3-5 days every two months. So there, the car is in a dilemma, I am too. The husband insists on me driving the car or the car will be damaged, or parts of it will because no one is using it.

So I had to pull myself together and enrolled in driving together with my son, who is still underage. My first time in driving gave me an anxiety attack. My heart was palpitating very fast I could hear my heartbeat. Until I was able to man the wheel to and from a straight point, and even in circles. Still, each time I am on the wheel, I get butterflies in my tummy. The jittery feeling does not escape me until such time I had to finish off my session. 

So we had parking, reverse parking, highway driving, gear change, and a lot more. Until I was able to drive our own car, still with a drum-like heartbeat.

Recently, I allowed myself a day to finally drive Sylver alone. I took it from my bro-in-law's house where we temporarily deposit the car so he could use it while no one will. I brought it to the office and then home, and then even brought the kids to our house in La Cassandra with it. The challenge was that the engine stops on me, even until now. But I guess that's for starters. There was a point when my daughter would not ride with me for fear of a PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as per her words). But she did ride with me home from a party when I explained to her reasons why my driving is still clumsy.

Fast forward to barely a month of driving after the lessons and I can already bring myself to and from the office. Hilarious experiences of getting too far from my origin to my destination because of my failure to make a U-Turn happened. Until now though, I cannot park in a mall. I guess I would still need a lot of practice for that. But I can drive! I can already smell the success of me driving long distances, although still with palpitations each time I am behind the wheel. 

Driving is not for the faint-hearted. The traffic everywhere we go is one big challenge for me. And the careless drivers who would like to race most times. I guess I would have to deal with them because I have to. 

I wish for that time I can already run 80-100kph. For now, my fastest is 40-50-60. I am still learning. There is still so much to learn about driving. But I can already strike this out of my bucketlist. Driving? Check!


Friday, November 17

My Two Cents on Sharing Fake News and Plagiarism and Journalism

My friends who have been sharing fake news and confusing statuses with confusing memes have tasted some pieces of good advice from me to stop sharing them as they add to the confusion and conflict in this already crazy world we have. However, there are still some, who, despite their professional statuses, would continue sharing these things deliberately. To what reason or purpose, I do not know. But for me, it is disappointing and shows complete lack of tact, and probably an ignorance of their common sense, if they do have that.

Way before bloggers made their way in the government and/or political arena, I have been into blogging and worked in the publishing industry for eight years. Moreover, blogging has become a part of my food on the table, and I have also enjoyed perks that go along with the title "blogger". 

And then Mocha Uson and Sass Sasot came into the picture, and even more bloggers... and everything became blurry. They who have been sharing intriguing and controversial pictures, news, and even misquoted presidential pronouncement and posted their opinions on FB and who got the ire of many. These things make me cringe. 

But teaching our kids a little misdemeanor if only to satisfy our thirst for victory is a different story. 

In October, the daughter joined the Division Schools Press Conference after having been trained for countless Saturdays and Sundays. She competed for the Editorial Cartooning. She competed with 24 other elementary students from different schools in the city. She landed 5th place. I told her that it was okay for a first timer into the editorial cartooning competition and that landing 5th is not a bad thing. I even told her it was a challenge that she can do better next time.  

But what irked me are these. 






The topic given the young journalists was: The Marawi Siege. And they have to draw their cartoons on what the present state of Marawi has been. The fifth picture shows my daughter's work. It was very simple, a work of an amateur, I should say.

I took these pictures immediately after they were posted. Only the First to Fifth Places were posted and were given recognition during the said event. I immediately showed it to the husband in order for him to take notice of her daughter's work as he can compare it with other artists' works, and how she landed on the 5th Place. 

Less than two minutes after I have sent these pictures to Ric via messenger and lo and behold, he sent me these: 



Look at the similarities of the drawing which landed on first and second places. One cannot deny that these cartoons have been copied, or the editorial cartoonists' idea may have been copied and put into art or drawing for that matter. One cannot deny that the cartoon made my Rene Aranda of the Philippine Star has been claimed to be the young artist's own and even won First and Second Places. 

I actually wonder what mode of verification/checking/validation was made by the judges to say that the works of the journalists won without plagiarism. Because clearly, these cartoons have been - by two young artists. Also, these artists have their mentors, so now I wonder what kind of Journalism lessons these mentors teach their proteges. 

Sure, one can take a look at pictures and get inspiration from them. But probably not to copy them and put them into art like it was them who conceptualized it in the first place. 

I am not griping because my daughter only landed on the Fifth Place. I can see that even on my first look at her drawings compared to the other cartoons. I immediately conceded. But looking at how the first two young artists landed places by taking concepts from previously released editorial cartoons of a professional, one who works with the Philippine Star is a different story.

In September 13, 2012, Dr. Isagani Cruz wrote this in Philippine Star:

"Section 198 (RA 8293) further provides that “the rights of an author under this chapter (Chapter 10) shall last during the lifetime of the author and for fifty (50) years after his death and shall not be assignable or subject to license.” If the author is still alive, I have no choice but to mention his or her name when I take words or ideas from him.
Why ideas? Because plagiarism does not involve only words. It also involves ideas. If I added or altered a word here or there, or even if all my words were different from those of the original author, I would still be committing plagiarism if the idea is the same. This is the main difference between copyright and plagiarism. Copyright protects the expression of an idea or the exact words of the original author. The prohibition against plagiarism protects the idea itself, no matter how it is expressed.
Therefore, using different words or even a different language but expressing the same ideas is plagiarism.
And I guess, the same is true with editorial cartooning.

So, are these the values we teach our young journalists? Is this the way we transform our young writers and journalists? Is this the future of Journalism in this country? If so, then, good luck Philippines!  

Tuesday, July 25

A Good Body Rest at Body Rest Spa

You know how it is with audits. It gets a little cerebral sometimes. No, not sometimes, it should be most times. 

The office's quest towards transitioning from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 has been exhilarating. While it is true that a good Quality Management System may help tasks to lighten up or be organized, many of my colleagues think otherwise. Yet, we have no choice but move towards continual improvement. 

So we traveled from Koronadal City to Tacurong City, that is 4 hours round trip for an audit if you are coming from General Santos City. That was a Wednesday, and come Thursday, I was on my way to North Cotabato, 6 hours round trip travel because again, Audit. And then Friday came, I was the one being audited. As an Internal Quality Auditor (IQA), these tasks are pretty tiring, finding non-conformities or looking for ways to improve the service of the office. It can be pretty taxing to a physical body especially when you are working with your brains and eyes, and the body, too feeble to handle the rough roads. 

I posted on FB that I needed a massage. And then I was invited for a massage! Body Rest Spa has been in the salon business for many years now, but it was my first time to be there. I have been a massage addict but since Body Rest Spa is along the National Highway, it does not appeal much to me until I have tried their services. 

The interior of the spa is very nice, with all the displays that make it look foreign. A mixture of Asian meets the West. The interior displays are luxurious metalcrafts with a touch of indigenous. Very unique displays are everywhere and the spa looks very welcoming with its water element at the entrance (which I forgot to take a picture of because I was entirely excited for my massage). 

Upon entrance to the rooms, you are welcomed by an ambience that's relaxing and a scent that may lull you to sleep while getting that good back rubs. 

Body Rest Spa gave me a relaxing massage. One massage that I wanted includes moderate rubs at the back and gentle pressure on the muscle parts. The masseuse was kind enough to ask me if I was enjoying the massage, or if the pressure was enough for me. 

The one hour of massage went by swiftly, I was afraid I'd sleep because it was calming to the senses. One thing though is that other customers were kind of noisy, they kept pouring in so you get a little distracted but overall, I enjoyed that massage. 

They do have more services like ventosa, sauna, hairs and nail care and hot stones. But because I needed a massage, I need to prioritize what I needed. 

I am definitely coming back. Thank you, Body Rest Spa. 

Sunday, July 16


Here is a book I just finished reading. It was written by one of my favorite authors, Leo Buscaglia, and this is all about LOVE. Yes, old topic but still a very strong one.

I am sharing this here on my blog because I felt the need to share the following few pages with you. It says that when a man loves, he/she may do so, but his/her love could be more powerful if he/she understands the following:

And finally! 

Monday, May 15

Gensan Goes Fibr

When I started blogging, it was because I felt the need to communicate to the world the beautiful things that I have been experiencing and sharing good stuff to people who matter to me, especially family.

I also blogged because I have felt the need to voice out my feelings, what my mind dictates me to feel, how I feel about things and where I have been. My family has been my utmost reason that I do this; it is because I wanted the world to know about my beautiful family, one family whose hunger for travel, food, and everything nice is insatiable. My hobbies are also included on the things that I blog about. 

But that was before. Ten years ago, only a number of people were lurking on the Internet. You can read about people's lives thru their blogs, and you have to visit their blogs in order to read what has been going on in the lives. This time, it is different, social media has been the "in" thing. Most people have their Instagram accounts, Twitter, Facebook and many other accounts.

But we have slow-moving Internet!

And I hate it because now, my husband is not with us. He has been working in Manila for almost two years now and we need a decent Internet speed that can cater to a good video chat. 

Here's what good news PLDTHomeFibr brings to us here in the city. Up to 1Gbps speed and more! The PLDTFibr Experience will actually empower more people in the use of Internet for communications. With PLDT's FTTH or  fiber-to-the-home facilities, PLDT makes Gensan the first "Fibr City" in Mindanao. Gensan residents can now enjoy equal upload and download speeds of up to 1Gbps. Now this is good news! PLDTHomeFibr will now cater the Generals with World Class Internet and secure homes thru the PLDT Telpad, the FamCam (home monitoring system), the Fam Zone (cyber security platform) and the Smart Watch (multi-functional kiddie gadget).

With over 70 areas in the city, Generals now have access to World-class Internet at home.

Thank you, #PLDTHomeFibr, #FibrExperience for the #WorldClassInternet. I can now call my husband anytime, talk with him through video chat, and even check his activities and location. Communication is more open, and we can actually #ConnectForReal with our loved ones. 

Also, thank you PLDTHomeFibr for sending Regine Velasquez for an awesome performance, followed by Robin Nievera's songs.

The Waiting Game

I have made myself quite anxious for a month now. Well, almost.  I applied for a position that I really wanted but since this is a governmen...