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Tired. Good Tired,.

4 days including the weekend and we already call it the long weekend, but it is not as long as you thought it is. You see, it just zoomed by. And I already miss it. July and August have been very good months for me, and I am considering 2011 as a year of blessings for me and my family, more so for me personally. The 4 days of no work, and nothing to think of, seemed so short a time for me and my family. So at a friend's invitation, last Monday, we headed to the beach with some friends. We were there from 8 till 3 in the afternoon, but I swear, it was a superb weekend. We left all troubles at home, thought nothing but food, bonded with kids and friends, and we counted nothing but the blessings that came our way. It was a nice respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, and it was then that i enjoyed the sea breeze and slept at the grass with my mat spread on it. What glorious day. But it's September now, and I can only wish for more relaxing days. But the

Insomniac or What?

It’s been two nights already. I sleep at 10, and woke up just in time for the husband to sleep at 12. I can no longer go back to sleep, I just had to write, so this post, as you should know is written exactly 1:07 AM in our clock. It’s a good thing it’s the long weekend, so I could just sleep whole day. I do not know what is the matter with me. My eyes are tired but my mind just cannot stop thinking. I am afraid it will soon be overheat with too much thinking and brain drain. The past days has been very glorious days, so I think the excitement about my being hired as regular in the government office has already wound down. I am not as excited anymore, but yes, admittedly, I am nervous of what the future will be. I will be assigned in a different location, 45 minutes ride away from home and being assigned there will entail a lot of sacrifices for my kids. I will have to sacrifice being the proud mom who will pin their ribbons of excellence as I can no longer do so, unless I ta

When it Rains, It Pours

My prayers have been answered, and I am very grateful to the Lord for keeping HIS promises to me, that He will never leave me, and He will grant all that I desire for as long as I trust in HIM. The year 2010 has been a year of misfortunes for me, I resigned from work due to a weary environment with my previous employer, it was the year when everything seemed without a direction. Sure, I had blessings crossing my way, but I have always wanted a job that will provide me security of tenure, good pay, and an unstressful environment where I could help many people by way of service. And with my copyreading job, it has not been materialized. I have been hopeful, and I remember posting what I felt during that time , times when I felt I could not get through the tunnel. And now my friends, 2011 seems like the beginning of a new adventure for me. I told you I was aiming for a regular post in the government. All of my good friends know how much I have devoted my time giving my best shot

Today, Remember This

“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.” -Dalai Lama-

Updates on my No Spend Month Challenge

Last month, I challenged myself to a NO Spend month starting July 19, and yesterday, it ended. I want to congratulate myself for at least not getting tempted at even the small things that look cute or smells good or something I think is really sexy on me. I practiced frugality, really, and even if my pocket wanted to burst with eagerness to buy a new blouse to be used for my latest interview, I did not shell out a dime. It was hard knowing I could not eat on fine dining restaurants, and I could not drop by the mall to buy stuffs I want even if there was this 10-day sale going on at Robinson's Place. I was very disciplined and I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to save, so I did. Guess what? I spent less, maybe because my salary was actually delayed for a month and I only got to receive it just this 17th, and so when my challenge ended on the 19th, I bought myself a new white blouse which, still practicing frugality, was only 50% off the regular price of P800, and it was

Hypertension Alert

Last Thursday, after I had my interview in Koronadal City, I placed an appointment with my eye doctor at 10am for the reason that my eyes seems to be blurry at times for what cause I do not understand. I proceeded to the clinic an hour after I delivered my most gruesome answers to the interview. It was only a short walk from the DOLE regional office so I had to just lazily bring my steps towards the clinic. When I was assisted, the clinic assistant took my BP and I was surprised at how high it was. 160/120. I just smiled and told her maybe I should rest because I just walked and it was a HOT day and that I was actually just grilled because of the interview and that may be the reason for the high BP. The assistant told me to just take my time and rest and she will have to check on me after a few minutes. It took her 20 to get back to me and took my BP again, this time, not a slight slide back, still 160/120. I saw the doctor after that and the doctor eventually, after all the eye

Say No

Sometimes, we are facing too many problems that the best word we can utter amidst these problems is NO. We can say NO, to second-hand smoke, to negativity-emitting people. We can say NO to meats which we know can make us fat, we can say NO to Coke. We can say NO to debts, and we can improve our lives by saying NO to the many negative things we think can damage us. We can say NO to a boss who seems to focus to only one person's performance, to somebody who thinks you are invisible, and to people whom you think are users. We can say NO to negative issues, we can do better than entertaining them. We can fix our lives by saying NO to stress, to depression, to ice cream, and even to negative thoughts. we can say NO to chocolates, to rice, to many things undeserving of our attention. We can say NO to many things. Who knows, saying NO is the one word that can save you. Right?

Online Booking from Robinson's Movieworld

I was very excited with watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was the last installment of the series, and the second part of JK Rowling's last book, so imagine my delight when checking online, I saw this new set-up with Robinson's Movieworld's online booking. Very innovative step from Robinson's Movieworld, one thing we need in order to avoid the long queue in the cinema, and directly go inside the movie house to enjoy it. And what's more, you can also order snacks! Yay! Truth be told, my husband and I love to watch movies, and we bring the kids with us when there are nice movies apt for them to watch or a rewarding movie can de-stress us all after a good week has gone by. We normally have Saturday as our movie day. I am really glad that we have Robinson's Movieworld, spacious legroom and comfortable seats, plus this: You get to be directed to the schedule of the movies by which you will have to choose what movie and time you desire to watch.

My 2 Cents on Corporal Punishment

We already have the Anti- Child Abuse Law under RA 7610. I do not understand why this new one of Anti-Corporal Punishment for Children should get into the picture. I have not read any material regarding this yet, but I totally am not into it. A friend of mine posted this on her FB and I totally agree: "When a growing child repeatedly misbehaves, there's no room for peace-talks and diplomatic arrangements... A corporal punishment is more applicable than anything else. " It's not as if you are going to correct the mistake by killing the child or maiming him/her, or even slapping on the face, or using the belt by hitting them because that may already constitute child abuse. What happens if your child talks back at you, and throws something out at you because of tantrum attacks which so many kids are most capable of doing? You are just going to give the child a dose of her own medicine, right? And after that, explain why you have given the spank. Rather than