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Tired but Happy

I happen to be very busy these past few days that I even forgot to tell you I went to Bohol to be with my tarsier friends. Yes, the three day weekend for me was awesome, it was a blast with my family who wanted to break away from the hustle and bustle of work and all. It was also a celebration because my kids handed me test papers which are generally bearing very good scores, perfect and almost perfect scores.  I am happy that despite the "almost complicated challenge" of having to leave for vacation on the day of my IQ Examination for promotion, God has given me the chance not to miss on it. I was able to finish the exam way earlier than others just in time to catch our flight. And while on vacation, I wasn't able to let you know I was out having fun in the sun because my mobile can only key in facebook chat icons from MyEmoticons , and nothing more. But although I was barely online that time, and I think I opted to enjoy the fun with the kids and husband th

Only Selfless Love

When I met Bro. Vince 3 years back, he was teaching high school students here in General Santos City, and I thought he was doing his best as a teacher because teaching is a profession that requires yourself to be offered to your students.  We became closer as friends, and as a group because of our blogs. We had times that as a group, me and my kids and hubby would have pizza with him and Sir Gilbert, and how I have missed those days when we had weekends over pizza and Coke. Many times we have had our share of laughter together because of different topics over lunch, through cracking king crab shells or just sharing problems and insights over coffee and batchoy. But he is a brother, and he can't be ours all the time, he has to give himself to the Lord. As he professed his perpetual vows just today, my eyes swelled with tears, I was overwhelmed at how selfless he has offered his life to the Lord. I understand that the Lord has been calling him, and now that he has p

We Can Only Pray

  While we here in South Cotabato and General Santos City are enjoying the sun, many of our countrymen in Luzon areas are submerged in water and we can only pray for them.  While those in Luzon are submerged in floodwaters, some of our soldiers are busy fighting for peace and order in some areas of Maguindanao, and we can only pray for them.  While some soldiers in Maguindanao are fighting against the rebels that be, many of our countrymen are fighting against poverty, and we can only pray for them. We can only pray for them, and maybe do more than saying a prayer.   For my friends in Luzon, keep safe and dry! 

I Go by Three's

Got this meme from my dear friend, Prinsesa Musang and I thought that it's timely to post something like this in the blog because I have nothing really interesting to post these days, and that I feel a writer's block behaving badly. So there, since I can just answer all that is asked here, I'd rather you know something three's from me or not having to update this blog at all. But then again, forgive me if I'd have to answer some foolishly, I just don't want to think deeply.   1. Three names you go by: My family calls me Ging-ging, friends call me Sheng, and I am Sheil to my boss (some name that I really don't want to hear more often because it means a task or something urgent just hearing that). 2.  Three facts about yourself: I'm pretty (just let me believe in myself, please!). I work as a government employee and I am happily married.   3. Three things that happened today: We devoured a huge canister of imported biscuits (never reached 24 hou