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His Eyes Were Upon Us

Yesterday has been a crazy day, to say that it is full-packed is an understatement. When I arrived at work, I wanted to breathe hard, the type where you don't know when your last breath will be. When I arrived at my desk though, work immediately took its toll, I had to haggle with time which ones I have to facilitate doing first and what gets my attention next. It went on and on until I only had so little time for breaks, the last I checked the time, it was an hour before getting home. Time is so short it doesn't consider giving you any second chances. This morning though, on my way to work and while riding the multicab, the cab incidentally swerved to the left intersection of a long avenue at the Capitol Grounds in Alabel, almost bumping into trees and shrubs, without the engine stopping. We were shouting that a student passenger is alighting almost near the Alable Science High School, but straight and fast goes the vehicle. A few meters away and the engine stopped,