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Updates, fresh updates!

So I still have a blog, haha. I'm sorry that I was not very mindful of a lot of things right now. Intentionally, I had to let go of a lot of baggage so I could concentrate on my research proposal which is supposed to be submitted before May 31, yet, I have not started anything properly. I think it is beyond my means but I have to get it ready lest I find myself getting flunking grades for this semester's subject. I have been too busy, very busy that I no longer have time to read, no time to bond with kids. In order to make up with the lost time, I have to enroll them and myself in a swimming class so that from 6:30 until 8pm, we can be together as classmates in a swimming session. Darn, that is how busy I am. Okay, so to update you with what has been eating my time, aside from the daily swimming lessons which I think would be very beneficial to me if I get to learn. Hmmm, crossing fingers now. It's more of a survival skill for me rather than the enjoyment I'd get ou