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Seven Random Things About Me!

Hi guys! KG tagged me with this. And since I am still here in Iloilo, i will be posting the pics and my travelog next week. Meanwhile, have a peek at me. Here's to answer the tag: 1. First off, i don't like to eat talong and sitaw, (eggplants and string beans) i dunno, but when there are dishes that contain these, i move them to the sides of the plate. 2. I love to sleep on my left side. Hubby sleeps on his right, so we sleep with our backs facing each other. Cool or uncool? 3. I hate Maths! Algebra, Trigonometry, and everything associated with numbers, except my paycheck! 4. I love to find errors in spellings, especially when i read posters, letters and everything readable. Call of duty ba? 5. I don't understand html, yes, I find it hard to understand the vars and sides and blahblahs, hubby made this new theme for me, thanks sweetie. Hmmm, what do you think of my new theme by the way? 6. I love to read, anything, especially Archie Digests! Haha, pang-high school!

Quick Update

To All friends who follow on my blog: Thank you so much for making the effort to visit, and while I am away for the meantime, I want to let you know that I enjoyed my Bora getaway. Last Friday, 17, we went to Cebu for a one night stopover in order to wait for another flight to Caticlan, and while we were there, the kids, hubby and I had no time to waste. We visited The Basilica del St. Niño, the Magellan's Cross, Fort San Pedro, and The Lapu-lapu Shrine. The trip to Bora was the best, although what I got aside from the beautiful experience, is the sunburnt back, it was the best. This day, until Friday, we are scheduled to visit relatives here in Iloilo City and what best to visit in Iloilo than the beautiful olden churches! Come Saturday, hubby and I are scheduled to visit Bacolod for a night visit, and back to Iloilo again to continue touring the city. I will be visiting your blogs, promise! I haven't edited our pics yet, so please wait awhile. I know some of you are ex

Off to Beautiful Boracay

Dear Friends, This Friday, the 17th of October, I, together with my hubby and kids will soon be off to a short getaway to a beautiful island resort. I am actually off to a mission, not a pure leisure-type vacation. I and hubby was commissioned to take shots of the lovely island and make a presentation about the place for a bidding requirement to be submitted this November. Since the place requires lots of sunblock, I have decided to enjoy the place as well, together with the whole family, and not just focus on the mission. We will be staying there for the whole weekend and two additional days to celebrate my son's 8th birthday there. After this, we will be moving to Iloilo, and reunite with some relatives. Bacolod is in one of my to-visit places so I might do a side trip there. Please wait for me. When I get back, I promise to post photos and a travel blog post about our trip. We will be back after 15 days, but I might have the time to update you of my trip. In the meanwhile

True Blue

I have been mesmerized by the colors of the rainbow, always when it appears, I find time gazing at it and appreciating all the colors in it. I have completely found peace in blue, my favorite color, it seems to me as if all the peace and loving in the world is in the color blue, The color of the sea, the clear blue sky, the nice blue flowers that grow in our garden. I have always appreciated the color blue. While there are still so many colors that I adore, especially when it comes to food and dresses, and bags and shoes, and practically everything, I would love blue on it. Though I cannot really buy blue and match them with office uniforms, still I can't totally ignore blue when I see one. And in this pack too... I love to pick the blue ones first. Then when I get to eat them, they always come last. I love to preserve them, indulging in the other colors while they last, and until there's no more, should I devour the blue ones. Colors say so much about you, as they say. I du

Collections Galore

Let me share to you a part of myself. I am a collector of fun stuffs. When I was a kid, my classmates were into collecting stickers and cute memo pads and stationeries, but I was kind of different when it comes to my collections. I have grown up with my grandma, and she has a vast array of coin collections which she kept in her "baul" (a heavy wooden chest) where she kept her memorabilias and other important stuffs. So I grew to liking her collections and soon I started mine. I first collected coins, I gathered old coins that my grandma gave me, and some of those I got from relatives who came and gave me cash treats. Now, I have more than two hundred coins of different denominations and from different countries too. Coin collectors are called numismatists, I guess you may call me one now... Here's some of them... My Coin Collection I also collected stamps, my classmates were also into it. It all started when our teacher asked us to submit a project in Social Studies

Blog Love No. 2

I was resting my eyes because there were just too many books I must read, and I have to finish my editing and proofreading in the office so I won't have any pending works when I get back from my vacation, when the mailman arrived with this goodies. These loveliness came from Sinta , she gave away her Twilight books and I was just so in love with the story that I must have copies of my own so when she decided to give away her copies, I asked for them, better than throwing them away in trash. I so love you Sinta, Thanks so much! And she added these too, the hubby and the kids devoured before I could take a decent pic of the chocolate candies. She added a postcard too, I forgot to take a pic of the card because I was busy enjoying the books, oh well. And these love of my life... Thanks Sinta, I appreciate them very much. Hugs to you. Thank you, thank you! You made my heart jump with joy.

Nature's Beauties

dear God, i thank You for these beauties that i see. they sure reflect your love and goodness to me. i thank You because, in them i feel the deepest joy and it is real. i am amazed at the beauty that surrounds thinking that You are just always around. let me be enlightened by the truth, that with you, i must only trust and root. -sHenG- Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into. ~Henry Beecher I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. ~Emma Goldman People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us. ~Iris Murdoch A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books. ~Walt Whitman 'Tis my faith that every flower Enjoys the air it breathes! ~William Wordsworth If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.

Shhh, Secret...

I am gonna let you in on one secret. I hate lizards. I dunno why, but they just creep me off. I don't like the feel of their skin, and when they come near me, be ready, I might twitch. I cringe at the thought that their soft skin will touch mine, and their webbed foot will clasp in my skin. I hate them, really. I feel that they are the most unuseful creatures in the whole wide world, next to cockroaches and mosquitoes. Oh boy. Yeah, they are my most-dreaded insects. But guess what, I had a chance to visit the Crocodile Park in Davao City last year, and we chanced upon the caretaker encouraging visitors to touch this guy. It's not my most dreaded creature, but it sure is a family, even bigger. But I touched it. The feel of its skin is so creepy too, I feel scared holding it. But take a look at the mouth, it was plastered. Thank goodness! I have not gotten over with my oddness over lizards yet, but touching this thing sure made me a proud animalist. What's yours?

Trusting the Net for Purchases

I have been so apprehensive at buying online, especially products that require much amount and you have to deposit online payment. I feel like I don't really trust some people on the net for purposes of sales and purchases. But hubby has been seeking for a new lens to bring to Boracay, and with his search, he came upon ebay . I have told him to carefully scrutinize the people he has to contact with and transact with. Hubby is a trusting person. When he first bought his SLR Camera, he also contacted a person on the net, and he was able to buy his toy at a cheaper price than in the stalls at the malls. He went straight to Manila to get his purchase. Then there's this lens that he had to check on the net too. He deposited a somewhat large amount to pay for that lens, and my heart was pounding double when he deposited the money to the seller's account. I am paranoid with this stuffs because there are just a lot of scams going on in the net nowadays that you have to be really