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I Survived the Skywalk

I wouldn’t call this most recent trip to Cebu my last because I definitely will be going back. Years ago, I had my dream of going to Cebu packed with an assignment of getting an article done involving the CPDRC dancing inmates who were caught on video dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Bad. This time, I’m back to be trained on a certain program that’s been the reason why I was actually hired in DOLE in the first place, the Skills Registry System. Adopting the program is a new experience for me, but I think this has been one of my passions, caring for those in need of jobs and trying to find it for them. What is actually good with being belted in this program is the opportunity to be trained somewhere else, in today’s case, Cebu. And what could be better than having to go to Cebu alone!  I have never really flown alone. In most cases, I was with the kids, the husband, or the former boss. This is the time first time that I went someplace alone, alo

Random Thoughts While on the Bus

While on the bus tonight, I was thinking about what my life would have impacted on others. I have met up with a lot of friends, encountered many people in my life, considered them friends and some colleagues. Some may not have felt comfortable in my company, but God knows I have tried my best to make them my friends.  Others may not have considered my presence a blessing, and otherwise, may have considered me a competition, but for sure, it is just the way of life. And you can never please everybody. But I do have a lot of friends, and just the way Sec. Jesse Robredo died, as he was remembered to be a man with untarnished name, I would want to be remembered in the same manner. And so, I thought that when I die, I'd love that my friends would remember me and celebrate my death in a different way. I have mentioned this before, I'd want an orange coffin because it sure looks like a very happy color. And I want my friends to do a wacky shot in my wake, and want them

Present State of Busy-ness

For some reason, I have not gained the momentum back to blog about Bohol and our whirlwind trip there. Work in the office seems to be getting more and more of a burden, and I am feeling so overworked, stressed in some ways and there are times when I cannot get home as early as I could because of my position as the secretary of the boss.  I am not complaining about it, in fact, I am thankful about all these things because who knows, this will just be the road prepared for me to get ready for a higher position. Admittedly though, sometimes I feel guilty because I have lesser quality time with the family. The nights when I get home, I only have a few hours to talk with them and then sleep, and then I'd be the first to wake up each morning to cook for their breakfast, prepare their school snacks and rush off to work at 6AM, barely giving them time to give them my morning kisses. But still, I know I am trying my best to be a good mom, I just hope they understand that I am doi

One Scary Day but FUN Weekend in Bohol

It sure took me more than courage and bravery to do this. I never thought I could pose with a python ever in my entire life because in all honesty, I am scared of snakes, very very scared. After we arrived in XZootic in Loay, Bohol, the zookeepers were friendly enough to encourage us to sit and pose with this python. She's tamed though, and friendly according to her keeper. In fact, there was a poster with Melia, the name of this Burmese python cradling a sleeping baby in her coiled body. I never thought I could gather enough courage to come an inch near her but I did. According to the keeper, Melia doesn't harm humans, but we just have to be careful near her that time because she just shed off her old skin, meaning, she's too sensitive for brushes with her cold skin. What I thought would have ended my adventures that day wasn't enough. I had to hurdle a long hanging bridge in Loboc, Bohol. Some of my friends I know had fear of heights, me included. Coupled wit