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Keep Balance in Your Life

I am sure you will understand how busy I am these days. I have to take it upon myself how I can balance everything. Work during the weekdays and kids and household chores during the weekends. I still have readings that remain pending even if it's the end of January. But of course, I cannot help to leave you hanging without any updates from me. This coming Monday, we will be turning over a new leaf. A new regional director comes and so a new boss for me. I hope she's kind and understanding. but I sure hope she's firm and somehow strict too. My husband is also very busy, his new boss has been driving them nuts with trainings and all, and he is being enslaved to keep/manage their system. But nevertheless, all things work together for good. I have a good talk with a senior superior who gave me some realizations with work. She told me that because I am with the department now, busy days are soon to come, but I have to bring balance to life, or else, my kids will no longer kn

Year of My Dragons

It's the year of my two dragons. No, just kidding. I mean my two boys. I never knew they're both born in the year of the dragon. I only knew firsthand that my son is, it is just lately that I knew of my husband's Zodiac year sign when we visited a mall here in the city and there stood a huge board with astronomical years with the characteristics of persons born in each Zodiac year sign. 1976 and 2000. So they are both born under the year of the Dragon, whatever it may be, water or earth dragon, it still is a dragon. I'm not really one who believes in luck as I believe we have a Judge up there who controls our every move given that we use our free will to decide on things. My 2011 has been really very lucky, I may call it that, but it may not have come to that if I have not tried my very best, if I have not worked my way to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Of course, it wouldn't be possible without my trust to the Powerful God up above who helps me with every dec

Maybe Because of the Weather?

I'm on sick leave today. Daughter is feverish since Sunday and I had to stay home last Monday night at my Mom's house because I want to save some measly fare moolah. I hate to be so near yet so far to home that I immediately went home yesterday, Tuesday night. I have to make sure that daughter is far alright, but the fever started up again at midnight. I am not comforted by the thought of leaving the sick daughter with the husband because for all you know, fathers don't really have magic healing hands like mothers do. Today, I brought her to the pedia, and we were given a prescription for cough, and antibiotics for the fever and the colds. No, it's really not the simple colds, it's actually more than that. She can't breathe well, barado ang ilong. And you will pity her when you see her because she looks so haggard that I would just hug her tight just to let her know everything will be alright. I almost fainted at the price of the meds though, too pricey. I tho

Let's Talk Morbid

Warning: Do not read if you don't feel like reading about deaths and anything beyond NOW. You've been warned. My everyday trip from my Dad's house to the office requires me to pass by an old cemetery. From our house, I ride the trike and more than a kilometer after the ride, I get to pass by a cemetery which is actually a block before and after my office. I say before and after because I get to pass by it before I reach the office and after, while I ride the trike going back home. This is the shortest way home. There is one detour though, but that which will cost me much for the fare because I get to use the highway which is not such a practical thing to do because it will turn me around the town and for sure, Manong Driver will have to ask for more. I may not have told you this, but I have an aversion with cemeteries. For me, cemeteries suck the happiness out of you, therefore I do not breathe when I pass by that cemetery I am telling you about. Literally, I do not bre

My new 2012 Starbucks Planner

It may have arrived at a later date, but I really didn't care for as long as I carry a bundle of bundle of joy with me everyday of my life until this 2012 ends. My first Starbucks planner was given by the same person, Marian of Upto6only in January of 2010, and when DongHo visited Gensan in February of the same year, again, he brought me the very same planner, which I used last year, 2011. In 2009, Jeanny sent me a Belle de Jour planner. I totally shrieked out with joy when I received a text from Marian that she's sending me a new one, I never thought I'd have another Starbucks planner. But I really appreciate the gesture. Now that everything seems to be in a haste every now and then, I can simply check what I have to do in my planner, because my life is that organized. I know my priorities and all these are written and will be written in my new Starbucks planner. That lady will make me smile every day of my life. I am just so grateful I have friends, online and of

Christmas Bonding 2011

Undoubtedly, Christmas is everyone's most favorite part of the year, next to their birthdays. Everyone loves to expect something because Christmas is the season of giving, most especially for children. It is but a good way to bond, families have longer vacation time and children have the Christmas break to devote to playing and reading. It is just a good feeling that my kids never really liked any other gifts other than simple ones, and so when my boy wanted a new "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" book, my sister gave it to him as a gift. The following day, the book is done. My daughter wanted an original Barbie because what she always gets is a doll so close to what Barbie looks like but never the original, so when she asked for a Barbie, my best friend gave her the original one. Christmas is for children, so I was glad that my kids got what they wanted for Christmas. It may be too simple for adults and for those who have much but celebrating it with them and making th