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Our Version of the One Million March

With the active online activities of the Soccsksargen bloggers, the call for One Million March to Luneta was also replicated here in General Santos City. The group gathered around in the Oval Plaza at 9AM and did a silent prayer for the total scrapping of the pork barrel.  Although there were only a few who heeded the call, there is no mistaking that we have a few groups who also wanted answers to where their taxes have gone to. We may not have reached one million or so, not even fifty for this group, but it is because there has been a few other groups, some leftists and civilians who were out in the streets doing their very own rally and wanted to make sure their voices are heard by the government to totally scrap the PDAF. While in the true sense there are advantages of the PDAF, we ask for total reform in the process by which it is used. And for the process by which it is downloaded to the indigents may it be for scholarship, hard and soft projects or even for infrastruct

Kadayawan 2013 is A MUST-SEE!

It is Kadayawan time again, and Davao is already prepping up for it. Davao holds the Festival of Festivals and they call it Kadayawan, a festival when most, if not all of the tourists visiting the Philippines is en route to Davao. I cannot think of any other way than celebrating Kadayawan with a street parade (Indak-indak sa Kadalanan), colorful arts displayed (Moda Mindanaw) and singing and dancing (Tunog Mindanaw), and eating durian (Kadayawan Agri-Trade Fair). Wow! In 2010, back when we were restless and mindless of the money that we are capable of spending, we had a chance to visit Davao City for this reason alone, and now, I'm going to miss it because as of the moment, we do not have time, money and we have limited budget tor travels now because the kids' needs have ballooned too.   The reason why I am sharing these two beautiful pictures is that, these two pictures were finalists for the 2010 Kadayawan Canon Photography Competition taken by the husband.