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Love and Hate Meme...

A tag! First time I have a tag...and I'm so happy. This I got from jeanny and I will surely love to post this. What you will do is this: List down 5 things you hate and 5 things you love. Then, put the link or links of your blog or blogs in the list. Tag at least 5 people So here's mine for the answers: Hate: 1. Liars! I hate them... grabeee... Anybody who loves them? 2. Insensitive people.... grrrrr... can't they feel for what others feel? I am so sensitive that I can only cry my heart out to those who suffer... Frank's victims for one, I so feel for them... 3. Pimples...ouch, they make me hide... I wonder why didn't I have the face of Heart E., or KC Concepcion... 4. Busy days! That pains me. 5. My Bosses... they feel so bossy, and in many ways that they are so bossy, they suck... grrrr... they have the right, don't they? =) L O V E 1. God... my Only SAvior... for everything I am into. 2. Family, hubby, kids... they give me every ounce of strength I n

Grateful Heart

I thank God... for them, because they fill my heart with JOY every time they laugh, and when they are strong and healthy, I am even stronger. for him... because he taught me that love is unconditional. He made me what I am now, and that I must appreciate the smallest details of my life because there are even many who lack. for this... because I understand now that life is Good. Even when storms come, there is always the SUN that will shine after the dark days. and for this... that I may already call our own, a home that will keep us sheltered in, a home that will keep us together living happily and worry-free. ...and for EVERYTHING that is good in our lives. Even if there be bad, thank you. Because the bad ones always let out the good in us. Thank you. In many ways, we need to be thankful. What are you thankful for?

My Big Mistake

My hubby Ric, went to Davao last Saturday to attend a 2-day seminar, the Photocongress '08. My willingness to go was toppled by the fact that I will have to leave my two darlings; besides that, all our bills would have been due that time, short finances and all, were the reasons why I wasn't able to give myself a fresher. And that made me sad, very sad until I saw Ric's shots and they were glorious. The second day of the congress was a trip to Samal Island. I was then really enticed to go along with him since I haven't been to Samal for a long time, hmm, since 1995. And these were his gifts to me... lovely and amazing Malipano Island Island Garden City of Samal Davao City Pearl Farm Beach Resort Samal Island lovely white sand beach and clear blue waters wow, this speaks nice tourism adventure. Take a good look at the SUN . It was up, yet covered by the clouds, and look! Rings, I didn't know the sun has rings. His friends and co-photographers enjoyed the love

Warning! Allergic Reactions Appear

And what would that be? You would surely ask that. Last week, I found myself scratching my legs because they are so itchy. There's this blotches in it wherein the skin looks like it has been stung by a bee, or a mosquito bite. I scratched it and whoa, it became wider. It was all over my legs, mostly near below the knee part. I was aghast at what has become of my legs, and thinking it was allergy from something, I bought myself Celestamine for the allergy. Celestamine is an anti-allergic medicine. However, this med will surely keep you drowsy. A few hours after I had the pill, the itch and the blotches were gone, leaving my legs some map-kind of red leftover from my scratches. And so i was happy. The following day, I had been watching my diet and the foods I eat, thinking the allergy came from the santol I had(though I ate none of it again), the blotches were again visible in my legs. This time, it spread through my arms, and my hands. I felt very itchy that I could only cry my e


I thank Odette for inviting me to postcrossing . I have already received 3 postcards from different places, 2 from Finland, and 1 from China. I love the postcards. postcards Ric and I made photos taken by Ric and Mike With the present situation we have in the Philippines, I told myself to really save grandiosely. And so, i asked Ric, my hubby to make me some personalized postcards. He took the photos himself while we were in Cebu and the two sunset photos are an addition by his friend, Mike. see the back of the card? looks like one from the bookstores, right? Say, lovely than those commercial-made postcards, aren't they? And it never cost me anything, except for the paper and the ink. Even more valuable, it came from the heart! Want to see more of Ric's shots? Click here please.

what's. inside. my. bag

my violet flowery bag and all its contents Hi everyone, today, i will be sharing to you the lots in my bag. I got this violet bag a year ago from GIBI, only 500+ bucks and it really is handy. With my work, i have been keeping lots of thingamagigs in it and they keep me company until the end of every day. Here they are: 1. an umbrella - one that is needed for everyday keep, especially with the unreliable weather we have these days 2. my ever beloved hanky - can't leave house without it 3. 2 cellphones - one for business and the other for family use 4. hair doctor - love this thing, ever since i got my hair relaxed, it always comes handy. 5. chapstick - i don't wear lipstick, i only prefer chapstick, good protection for the drying lips 6. dolfenal 250 - i need this for migraine attacks 7. white flower - love the scent, so refreshing and life sustaining smell 8. USB flash drive -