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They Barely Knew Me, But Judged Me Anyway

Working with the government is a classic thing, so they say. You work, you get paid, you get to experience vacations and you get to travel officially. But working with a government agency where you get to work with older people in the office is not - it's a lot more different. It's way beyond compare. In fact, it's lethal. Don't get me wrong, because I have been misinterpreted many times more than this. I am thankful that I have a job, very much thankful that I get to meet people whose ideas are far better than what I have, intelligent people who know how to speak their minds, and to feel how they should feel. But there are people too, who misjudge you, who think you are being too assertive of what you believe in. Now here is where my rant begins.  So I was contender for a one-step promotion. I think I did good, and methinks it is high time that I show the people that I deserve  it. And No, I am not bitter that I did not get the promotion. But I am disappointed