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B.U.S.Y. is Spelled As Such

Sometimes, after a tiring day, you get home and realize that you need to breathe once in a while. One thing for sure though, I just can't give myself a breather now. It just ain't possible, but soon, maybe. B.U.S.Y. ang beauty ko! Waaaah, until after May 2. Dahil ito sa Nationwide Labor Day Jobs Fair. I was tasked to do some follow-ups, printing, vacancy slots, employers' attendance confirmation and way too many others. But I am not complaining with the amount of work I get, I can deliver. The thing is, after the four days of full rest, this comes, and my back is aching. TOXIC. I think need another spa session! Kayo?

The Getaway to Home

We always stay with the husband's oldies at MIL's place some 15 kilometers away from our very own house. It is because these olds, 4 of them all senior citizens, have no one to be with them and look after them, so as very responsible children, we shouldered the task of looking after them and being with them during the weekdays, only going home to our very own house during the weekends, sometimes, even only once a month. So the long weekend of Lent made us go home, have a small getaway to our very own abode, and enjoy the silent of no senior-citizen-whining. I opened the small box that happen to hold the kids' rubber pool. We had this rubber pool for more than three years already and get to enjoy once a year, only during the Holy Week. As you can see, our simple getaway to home, and not from home is satisfying. It made the husband and me rest, did a movie-marathon finishing at least 5 movies a day that we all enjoyed, when it is Dad's choice, the kids go to their roo

Have A Blessed Holy Week

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

For a Relaxed Body and Soul This Holy Week

For sure, you are now excited for the long weekend. Me too. Two weeks ago, I was able to get myself a good massage courtesy of this wonderful spa here in our locality. My first, actually. I have never been to a spa before, and my first time turned really good. I was able to get a full body massage along with other bloggers. And for sure, my first time will not be my last. Horizon Spa and Fitness Studio is located along Aparente Avenue, City Heights, General Santos City. With their new facilities and very homey ambiance, one can very well relax at the place and get a good rub from the hands of their friendly masseuse. I didn't know how powerful they can be but with the way they have thumbed me and rubbed my back and made my bones crackle, I was amazed at how strong they can be to give me a nice tap on this and that. My experience was from head to toe, and every rub was just perfect. This week is a week for reflection and rest. I say, you give yourself a good rest and at the same

My Love for Tees

For those who are regular visitors of my blog and those who have been stalking on me by reading my posts, you will know that I am an avid fan of t shirts . Yup, I go to the office with only my tees, and when there are times we have visitors, I just wear a blouse and some slacks. I am not into the girly things, and I never wear dresses except for events that only allow formal attires to entrants. Well, it may be hard to accept but since I have been eating a lot more the past few months, I have lost control of my weight and my shirts seem to be too clingy for me now. The husband is actually kidding me of "not buying" new ones in order for me to discipline myself in taking extra measures to go back to the slim figure before I had those uh, shrinking tees. Okey, in as much as I want to go to the malls and spend my hard-earned money in buying clothes , I don't think I could do that now, what with June coming up so fast. I prefer to be clad in simple tees and jeans. Sometime

On Eating, and Personal Budgeting and Finances

I really do not understand why there seems to be a problem when it comes to my finances. Maybe because I do not earn that much or there is a problem with the way I handle my finances. No, it's not really a big problem but I do not get to the point of getting to fattening the bank account. And there are financial constraints along the way which hinders me from booking a trip to somewhere far and relaxing. The husband says I should lessen the tendency of getting to a restaurant after office because it actually what thins out our wallets. But I love to eat, and now that I was given a huge task of getting the May 1, 2011 job fair into better performance, I find myself darn tired and hungry all the time that I need to gobble up before going home and even when I'm home. So there's the major reason for the lack of savings eh? Haha, call me absurd but really, I do not stop myself from spending when it comes to food and my children's feeding. But it's almost June now. I ca

Here's To the Next Level

Sometimes I get disappointed at myself for not making the right decisions or for ignoring the best pieces of advice. When I was younger, my Mom once told me to get that CS professional certificate, I didn't bother doing so, or if I did, I didn't really mind it because I already had work. I was already busy with getting settled at the old job, my editing job that I forgot the CS. And now that I do not have a stable job (read: 1 year contract with Dept. of Labor), I could only cry and wonder why things seem to be so difficult now, when I especially need it most. Oh well, yes, I am still getting my CS professional and I need to review a lot for me to get that certificate. I can apply for vacancies in the government office, yes, but am not qualified for the higher posts because of the CS, well, the lack of it. Now that my brain has rusted, I don't know if I can make it, but I am hoping I could, so I could bring myself to the next level. Uh-oh, here goes Mathematics (one sub

Happiness is Seeing Your Kids Achieve Excellence

Nothing beats the happiness of a mother who walks up the stage and pins her children ribbons of excellence. Proud as I may of my children, I still want them to be enjoying life in a balanced state. There must be work and play, education and some fun. And despite their staying in the honors list, I want them to stay as humble and as low profile as possible. That is happiness for me. To God be the glory for all things HE has done! Tabebs, First Honors in Kinder 1 Biboy, Academic Honors in Grade 4 Now, what to do this summer? Hmmm... Suggestions please.

The Old South Mediterranean Cuisine - A Taste of Middle East

There's one place in General Santos City which gives you pure Mediterranean cuisine delight. Just one. From beef and chicken kofta, the awesome cigarette borek, broccoli with cheesy tahini, to the delectable babba ganoush, hummus, kimma and tzatziki. They are all being pronounced awkwardly what with their origin. It all sounded so unfamiliar to all of us, but the taste has definitely glued me to my seat, eating all of them with gusto. The place is far away from the city limits, but not too far away from civilization. Straight towards Mabuhay Road and look for LC5 Resort, you will finally be brought to a place where Mount Matutum smiles at you. A large house welcomes you with its Mediterranean ambiance, nice furniture and fixtures, and the organized garden which secretly boasts of spice plants. I will leave you with the pictures of the food we were served, so drool baby, drool! The Old South Mediterranean Cuisine Sultan’s Rice is buttered rice with raisins, cashew nuts and s

The Case of the P0.25 Centavo Coins

I bought a bottle of mineral water today and paid P20 for the P9.50 bottle. The cashier cashed in and gave me my change, a P10 coin. I asked for my 50 cents and the cashier, irritated as she may be, gave me a peso. I told her I want the right change, and she told me, the Central Bank no longer issues 25 centavo coins. This may be true or not, but this just irks me as much. I don't understand why the Central Bank would not mint nor issue 25 centavo coins, because these coins are just plain necessary for customers, consumers and establishments alike. We all have the right for the correct change. Candies are not legal tenders and so is not giving the correct amount of change, right? Call me kuripot, but I just couldn't stand wasting my hard earned centavos to these establishments. They are already gaining from the goods they sell, yet, they want to earn more by not giving you the correct change. Ilang customers ang mag-iiwan sa kanila ng fifty centavos daily? That's a lot,

Value Life

I fear death. Who does not? Death is the end of enjoying all things you like to do, and the end of seeing your dearly beloved alive, kicking and breathing life. But death comes as a thief in the night, or even in the day. Rey is a healthy guy, or so I thought. He is chubby, at his forty, with a wife and two sons, and a budding personal business in t-shirt printing and garments industry. No vices, no drinking, no smoke. He is our neighbor and friend; we just talked last week, and on Monday, I was informed he was admitted for high blood and ulcer. The following day, he is gone. He left his two young kids and his unemployed wife to leukemia. His death came as a surprise, and a realization hit me. His work killed him. he has been doing his job as a shirt-painter for more than ten years. It is what fed his family. But the poison he breathes with his paints slowly crawled into him, eating him up. His work got the best of him. This comes as a reminder. Never take your health for granted.