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My 2012 in Review

January   “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius January was a month for rushing things up , real-time job and online job. I just got hired in September 2011 and serving the Regional Director as Secretary seemed to be pushing on me, hard stuff if you ask me, but coupled with prayers and patience, I was able to gather my strength and endure meetings, became speaker on the program I was and still handling. But it was also a month of letting go. We may have had worked together in less than a year, but the connection I have had with our RD was enough to make me say my deepest thanks to all her goodness to me, for bringing me inside DOLE. It was her last month in the region but nevertheless, she's forever in our hearts. February     "No man goes before his time, unless the boss leaves early" . - Groucho Marx I have come to understand that my getting home depends on how early or late the boss leaves. We have a

Christmas Dinner at The Farm, Carpenter Hill

My Dad celebrated his 54th birthday on December 23, and while we were already there in Koronadal City with the kids, we decided to bring Mom and Dad to a family dinner at The Farm. The Farm boasts of a good place where there is so much quiet, twinkling Christmas lights and good food. My daughter saw my pictures taken here at The Farm a few weeks back because I took my oath of office here two weeks ago, and she was yearning for us to bring her there so she could see the lights. Thus the visit and the dinner. True enough, the kids enjoyed the moment here at The Farm and while waiting for the food, I was checking out the best penny stocks online because The Farm is a wifi hotspot thus one has no problem with checking out TimothySykes updates .  You may visit The farm anytime of the day because there are lots to see, but I suggest you go during the nighttime to enjoy the lights there is for your eyes to feast on! The Farm  Entrance to Children's Park Inside

Season's Greetings!

From my family to yours, Have a Joyous     Holidays!

The Third Wheel - The Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I asked the son what he wanted for Christmas and he didn't answer me straight. But when we went to the mall for just looking around, he dragged me to the bookstore and told me about the new Diary of the Wimpy Kid, Book 6 - The Third Wheel. My son is so like me -- very much in awe of books and what wonders it could bring. He'd save his allowances and he'd buy books he wants to read. Sometimes he'd ask me about the books that are in my bookshelf and he'd want to read them before we get to immerse ourselves in the movie, just like what happened with The Hobbit. He wanted to read it before he watches it in the theaters, however, I couldn't wait for him to finish the book before we indulge it in the moviehouse. My daughter is also a reading kid, and she's enjoying Barbie tales now. Reading is very basic in our family. I wonder how much of me they got when it comes to reading, but I can assure you that they know what they are reading. You can ask th

God's Perfect Timing

There, I am a full-fledged Labor and Employment Officer II now. I took my oath as a Labor Officer last Thursday when our department celebrated its 79th Anniversary. It was one of the most awaited moments I have been wanting to come, and it couldn't have come at a greater and most blessed timing - Christmas. Although we just had a week off from the hospital because of the son having had fits and bouts with amoebiasis, there are still more to be thankful for and I am glad that everything went better after the hospitalization. Things are at its better place now and we are wishing that everything will remain this way, and not ruined by that amoebiasis again.     This career advancement I have is just one of the many that I still need to work for. And yes, what comes after this is the decision to either finish that Law School I once took, or get a Masters Degree in Public Administration. Either way, I have decided to pursue more studies, spare some time to answer sample gmat