God's Perfect Timing

There, I am a full-fledged Labor and Employment Officer II now. I took my oath as a Labor Officer last Thursday when our department celebrated its 79th Anniversary. It was one of the most awaited moments I have been wanting to come, and it couldn't have come at a greater and most blessed timing - Christmas.

Although we just had a week off from the hospital because of the son having had fits and bouts with amoebiasis, there are still more to be thankful for and I am glad that everything went better after the hospitalization. Things are at its better place now and we are wishing that everything will remain this way, and not ruined by that amoebiasis again.    

This career advancement I have is just one of the many that I still need to work for. And yes, what comes after this is the decision to either finish that Law School I once took, or get a Masters Degree in Public Administration. Either way, I have decided to pursue more studies, spare some time to answer sample gmat questions maybe,  for future career advancements.

God's love is unending, HIS ways are higher than our own. 

I am so thankful that I have friends and readers in this page that, despite my absence and the nonsense blah-blahs that I have written here, you are still making and taking time to read more about me. Congratulations for putting up with me, even in my rants. I pray that the Lord will richly bless you with more love as Christmas draws nearer for all of us.

In exactly 15 months came the promotion. How blessed am I? Blessed enough to share with you all something I am so proud of - this blog as my open book! Will VeritasPrep reviews take this as a challenge? Because I believe I can write, yes?

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!


docgelo said…
Congratulations, Sheng!

And it's true, God's love is infinite! :)
SunnyToast said…
ito na tlga! congrats!
bertN said…
Allen said…
Sheng, Go for the Public Administration. You'll do great in anything you do anyways :) So proud of you! Congrats :)

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