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Enjoying Music at Music City Family KTV

It's not always that we, bloggers, get to gather and enjoy each other's company. At times, we have busy lives and we only meet once or twice in a month. When busy schedules are overwhelming, we can only get to meet online, virtually that is. But during the times that we get to see each other, we make sure that each moment gets to be exciting and FUN. So when Music City Family KTV opened a few days back, we were given the chance to bond once more. The invitation from Music City Family KTV was so enticing that a lot of us went, even with our busy schedule as it was on a Tuesday. The owners were very generous with the food they served us, lookie! very yummy quarter chicken, juicy and soft Creamy seafoods in white sauce Tuna and veggie sandwich, and french fries We thought the drinks that would pair up with the food are just the mere softdrinks and juices we have ordered, but we were wrong. The owner dished out everything, and while some of us were finishing up e

Gusto ko sa Gusteau's!

I got the text a few minutes before the time they wanted me to be there. The message wanted me there for lunch with the Manila bloggers, so off hubby and I went, armed with our already full tummies, but nonetheless, there's room for extra, and one big room for what has been a feast. We went to the newly opened Gusteau's Fud Hauz. There, the group was already waiting for us, and for the food to be served. And what wonder of wonders could be better than the food that were placed before our eyes. Gusteau's Prawns, simmered in their secret spicy ingredients, instantly a favorite among us because of it's tangy spicy taste, one that will make you forget your table manners by licking fingers and soiled fingertips. Deep-fried Tuna Belly Gensan sure boasts of tuna and the food trip of the bloggers from Manila wouldn't be complete without them having to taste different tuna delicacies from Gensan City Crispy Breaded Cream Dory This one's so yummy that every dollop

Mother Instincts

Today is my Mom's birthday, and I thank her for all the LOVE she has bestowed upon us her kids. I am forever grateful that she is my mother, and will always be proud of all the things she did for us in order to survive LIFE. Today, as I have reached the stronger intensities of motherhood, she may not know this, but she has been my inspiration all along. The good things she taught me and many more, are the things I am teaching my kids as well. The strength I get come from my kids, and they are the very reason why I strive hard to make them feel the comforts of the life I may not have had before. Thank you Mommy for making me strong, for instilling in me the values of being a good woman, a child, much more, a MOTHER. Mommy, I dedicate to you my new home . I called it Mother Instincts for it will feature me as a mother, other women's motherhood lifestyles, the whats and what-nots of life, and I share the beauty of motherhood. You have guided me to motherhood, and I owe all to

Whoa Gensan! Gensan Tuna Festival's Official Music

Gensan's Tuna Festival is approaching fast, and last Friday, the official music was launched at Lagao Gym during the ASAP Sessionista's Concert, with CENTERPOINT Band being the front act, then was the perfect timing to launch Whoa Gensan! Last Song Syndrome material, Whoa Gensan! makes me proud to be a general, and to share to you what WHOA GENSAN! means to us, here's the video and the lyrics. WHOA GENSAN Lyrics by: Julius Paler and Densho Music by: Centerpoint Band Performed by: Centerpoint Band Whoa Gensan! Gensan’s Tuna Festival Taas noo, mga Heneral Gensan’s Tuna Festival Ating ikinararangal Saan mang dako sa mundo Tiyak angat ang bayan mo Whoa Gensan! Naranasan mo na ba ang tunay na saya? Dali na mo diri, kaibigan, tara na! Sa Gensan kung saan lahat ng tao’y champion Mag-lingaw lingaw sa Tuna City Ang syudad na umaarangkada sa pag-unlad Whoa Gensan! Gensan’s Tuna Festival Taas noo, mga Heneral Gensan’s Tuna Festival Ating ikinararangal Saan mang dako

Gensan Tuna Festival eXperience 2010 is ON!

General Santos City is one big city blessed with lots and lots of tuna. To thank the Lord for the blessing He has provided for the city, we annually celebrate our Gensan Tuna Festival. For this year though, things have been very time-pressed for our organizers, the schools competing for each show requested for a leeway, so instead of the usual dates, the Tuna Festival and its activities will go on until September 26, 2010. Different activities are lined up for this year's Tuna Festival. Totally jampacked as ever before, this year's Tuna Festival promises to bring you a level up of exciting surprises. There's my husband's and mine's ever favorite This will surely be a hit among teenagers and adults alike. With the onset of Showtime being inspiration as to the worm-like and flexible movements of the representatives, this will be a very nice show, each school preparing for their best to show to the crowd. While some of us may have wanted parties and disco-sa-kalye

One Meaningful Day for SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers

We have planned for this cause just two weeks ago; each of us busy with our own businesses and lives, we still were able to push through with the event even with the absence of some of our fellow bloggers due to the arrival of Manila travel bloggers. We arrived early to facilitate the day's "Bleed for Life" Blood drive. We have targeted 50, but it was wishful thinking. We we're excited for each donor who passes the test for donation, but sadly, only Sir Gilbert passed among us bloggers. Our young bloggers did not make it to the 50 kgs. minimum. Some wanted to donate, but their bp's were up. I have a large hematoma spot on my left arm, and other bloggers didn't have much sleep because of the eyeball with Manila bloggers at PiYesta the previous night. There's a doctor who is in charge with checking things and listening to the interview. It is he who makes sure you are in a healthy state before you give your blood. Sir Gilbert, having his blood pressure c

300 is an Achievement

This is my 300th post. Congratulate me! I do think this is one achievement, but I believe I should really blog more often. I have come this far, sharing to you 300 posts about my life, my environment and my family. Everything is good when shared with friends. I am grateful that I am blessed with good friends who share my sentiments, listen to me, and give me their two cents when I need it. I am grateful that you are all friendly and patient of my rants and raves. It's the start of Christmas, and I am excited. Who doesn't get excited about Christmas? Me, super excited because this Christmas, I will be reuniting with my best friend, she and her partner will be coming home, and we will be celebrating the season on our neighborhood. That's one reason to be happy, right? And this Christmas, hopefully, things will turn out from good to better. I do have a Christmas wish list, but these are material things I need, as I am already blessed with the more valuable stuffs.For one, I