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You Remember Tarzan?

No, this isn't Tarzan, the jungle guy I am talking about. I'm talking about that bubble gum brand that you were chewing when you were a kid.  This gum used to accompany me in my travels because as parents would say, chewing a gum during travels won't hurt your ears. Scientifically true, and this is what my granny used to send me during times of long distance travels.  Oh you remember! That's good. Do you also remember that time when you were playing with friends and you compete on how big the gum would go if you make a bubble out of it? Funny eh? But it sure was FUN, right? The fun is made more challenging by the fact that your friend is chewing Bazooka Joe, something imported, while you are on your teeth with Tarzan. Of course I remember the times when I have to ask my granny to remove a portion of my hair because it was covered in the gum that popped right on my face, thanks to the game we played.  I am sure you remember. Tell me, are you a Bazooka

I Went Gaga over Rivermaya

Oh yes, I did. During my college years was the most memorable years of my life. It was when I fell in love, had a few heartaches, had my first few mishaps, and had to make decisions on my own.  College years also was when I had to earn a few from the allowance that my parents gave me, something that I went to save to buy what I wanted to buy. It was then cassette tapes working for there were only cassette players then, and so to join with the trend of other youth engaging in their favorite bands, I joined the bandwagon of having to keep my own set of collections, which will need another blog post.  But for now, I want to share with you how I came about going gaga over Rivermaya. There was Bamboo in the band yet, and there were Nathan Azarcon, and Mark Escueta to begin the band with; and they were young and lovable that ladies could easily say they got a crush on these guys even if they do not know them personally. My lovelife with Rivermaya started with 214, the first

Dolefil's 50th - Reaping the Rewards of the Golden Years

Considering their ages, these ladies are almost at the prime of their lives, yet they are what I would call, at the best of their prime years. Beautiful, appealing, sexy but the ladies still have the capability to own the stage as they moved around competing against the title Mutya ng Dolefil 50.  Bloggers were invited to witness the Mutya ng Dolefil 50 on June 8. With the theme: Dolefil @ 50, Reaping the Rewards of the Golden Years, this pageant is just one of the series of activities that Dolefil has prepared for their workers who have dedicated their lives in working for the company for many years.  For most of these women, they have worked more than half of their lives in the company, 33 years, 35 years, 39 years at the most. But still, they continue to earn their living up to this time. All of them are proud to be part of the Dolefil family. They are more than proud to say they have accomplished so much by sending their kids to school, have their children experie

Pride is Ugly

I have learned to reach for the stars, and the stars are somewhat reachable for me hence the trust and confidence that some people give me and the entrusted work that I must do in order to continue working for the good of all. Recently though, we had our Team-building, and with that team building, the speaker had us answer a piece of paper, we must pass along the paper to the next person after we have written something constructive on the owner's paper as it is being passed along in a huge circle with all of us on it.  I don't know but there were quite a number of positive things also, like saying something nice about how active I am at work, one said I must go slow, and the others said they liked me for being kind. I know we do not please everyone, thus I was also expecting a number of bad comments, and I got a few which say that I must stay grounded, or I am a bossy type of person, or that I must not be too proud or I must just be simple. Am I not? I don't kn