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Meantime, This is How I Am

I could last all day just talking about how I am feeling lately, but things are supposed to get back into its fine mode once I get my strength back. I'm not busy,  but I sure feel tired every day. I have been given one additional hand in finishing up one program but the rest of my programs are still handled by me alone. The funny thing is, I'm really not yet as busy as the past few days has been. I have actually stopped being the hero that will answer all concerns because I think that each employee given their own share of tasks are supposed to take care of their programs, and they are answerable to it. Still, I just can't help it that I have to give a hand each time there's a need to. I am such a natural hero.  I am feeling unhealthy.  The past months as I quietly breathe by my lonesome, I feel the need to consume more and more calci-blockers because the BP is way too high. Even if I don't feel any symptom at all, I feel paranoid that one day I will jus

Learning about Her 28-Day Cycle

I have nothing but great appreciation to male buddies who are supportive to their female partners especially when they have their monthly periods. As we all know, these monthly visits are quite the contrary of "comfort". But what really does happen when Aunt Flo has come? When we women, have our periods, sometimes we get a little "moody". Sometimes too, a little is just an understatement. To understand our body better, and what makes us a little cranky during those visits, here's a short but simple way to describe it. The Beginning ●         Days 1-2: The first day of your cycle is the first day of your period. Tissue and blood lining your uterus is the blood otherwise known as your period. Estrogen is low and women often experience fatigue and cramps. You might not feel like it but these days would be good days to exercise. Your mood might not be so great and your energy level is low. Feel Good ●         Days 3-5: Estrogen begins to increase