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The Case of the Coconuts

So after less than three months, the husband flew back to the concrete jungle of Metro Manila for work as he was quite needed there. No, not quite. I guess he was really needed there.  And so, after eighty-four (84) days here in Gensan, 14 of those days spent in quarantine when he arrived, I am back to being alone with the kids and trying to live.  While he was here, he was the same man I married, that guy who would do the laundry, sweep the floor, do carpentry, clean the bathroom, fix some broken things, cook, and most importantly, clean the car! He was also home to drive me back and forth to the office, or the grocery. And spoiled I am, 'coz for a short while, I was able to just lay on the couch while I watch him do the dishes, fix the table, and wait for him to call when dinner was ready.  But lo and behold, some things are meant to end!  So on Friday, January 15, I brought him to the airport. It was painful, but I have to admit that he is doing this for the family. Again, I am