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Compassion - his way of saying it

Rescue, relief, re-establishment. These three are the things needed by our friends in Luzon. They may have suffered a lot because of Ondoy's aftermath, but life must go on. Who are we to question God? It is up to us on how we must pick up our lives after every fall, and how we deal with it. Compassion is a human emotion prompted by the pain of others. More vigorous than empathy , the feeling commonly gives rise to an active desire to alleviate another's suffering. So is this Manny Villar's way of showing compassion to a suffering nation? Or is this his way of sharing his campaign materials. Sorry senator, I just don't think this came out right, albeit proper.

Is Metro Manila sinking?

Shifting from one channel to another, torrential rains and water is on the news. Yes, water, floodwater. I feel sincere pity to those greatly affected by this disaster. Although i feel their pain, i can do nothing but wait and pray that they are fine and out of harm's way. I have blogger friends there, but I don't know of relatives who are residing in the areas affected by the flood. I have close friends too who are there for such a wrong timing. I was even invited to join them for the Bar Opps. They came in Friday and Saturday was a shocking state to them as Manila is greatly flooded and the downpour just won't stop. Worst of all, the bar exams is scheduled for the next Sunday, and they can do nothing about it but get their lives out of the metro as soon as the flights in the airport are back to normal. So for those who will tackle the last exams of the bar, it's a prolonged agony for some but another joyous moment for some as they can still continue the cramming.

A Quick Note

Dear friends, My life is in a beautiful turmoil now, I have several projects lined up in my desks; to mention: * 2 elementary Science books (for copyediting, final proofreading) * 2 high school Science and Technology books (for copyediting, final proofreading) * Bagong Bayani 3 and 4 Magazine for editing * Bagong Bayani Magazine 1 and 2 for gathering of articles * the GMA dictionary * Grades 1-6 Reading books * Grades 1-6 Adventures in English books * IDs to make * OLPGV translation project * trip to Manila this October * Bob Ong books to read * kids and family * social life - to which is impossible to insert for now. So, please understand if I could but simply visit your blogs and not leave a message. I will be back soon after all these stuffs are all marked: Done! Thanks. sHenG

Air Supply Live in Gensan - What Air Supply Song Am I?

Ahhh Air Supply, the famous duo who has melted the hearts of many. Finally, Air Supply live here in Gensan and will be performing just for the generals. I have been an avid fan of their songs, yes, young as I am but that is Air Supply, those who know of their songs will just simply get carried away by the tempo, the lyrics, the melody, the ALL that is in their songs. My Dad is an avid fan, and listening to what he has been listening to has made me a fan also of this phenomenal duo. My favorites from out of their collection of songs remain undisputably the best still, to name them: All Out of Love Lost in Love All Out of Love Making Love out of Nothing at All Even the Nights are Better But what stands out is the last on the list, Even the Nights are Better. I have always been a singer, albeit a poor singer of this song, the tempo just makes me giggly. This song is just ME, and so true that ever since I found my mate, all my nights have been better. I, I was so confused Feeling l

The Neighbor that Was

Before we moved into our new home in La Cassandra, we had a neighbor who moved into their house a year and months more before we did. So they were the ones who took care of the house by checking it from time to time. Taking a look at their lifestyle, i noticed that they were kinda' luxurious, they had two vehicles, a Getz Hyundai, and an L200 pick-up, all brand new. The woman who manages the household is also the same woman who manages a big store of RTWs fronting a big mall here in our place, she even had a booth leased inside the mall. They sell cellphones, accessories, apparels. When they got into the subdivision, I was very envious because they had their lawn landscaped, had their AC prepared, had their walls painted good, had lotsa orchids, and they are simply RICH. They are friendly neighbors too, especially Manong, the father of the woman, his hubby invites my hubby for drinks but hubby refuses to join them since he just doesn't drink. The kids go to a very fine school,

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Everything Mom By Joanna Fuchs How did you find the energy, Mom To do all the things you did, To be teacher, nurse and counselor To me, when I was a kid. How did you do it all, Mom, Be a chauffeur, cook and friend, Yet find time to be a playmate, I just can’t comprehend. I see now it was love, Mom That made you come whenever I'd call, Your inexhaustible love, Mom And I thank you for it all.

Krispy Kreme, Finally!

I have always wanted a taste of this precious brand of doughnuts. Because here in Gensan, the available names we have are only Mr. Donuts and the ever pasalubong ng bayan - Dunkin' Donuts. And finally, last Saturday, my 2 boxes of Krispy Kreme arrived. I was scheduled to attend an old friend's wedding that Saturday in Davao city, and i plurked about it too prior to my trip, and since Plurk = updates, i read that a blogger friend is on her way to Davao City too, that same Saturday. I asked her if she could be available for a meet-up. Because if ever she is, i'd be very delighted to see her, my first ever meet-up with Manila blogger/plurker friends. While in the wedding, she texted me, and confirmed, we will meet her! Yay! Upto6only , yes, that's the who I have met. We met at Chowking, and it doesn't need any introduction because it is as if we were introduced already and we know of each other's lives because of our blogs. I have been frequenting her blog eve

30 Be Good to Yourself Therapy

I read these from a book that i have been neglecting to read for years. And when it finally dawned on me that it's time for me to grab it, here's what I got and will share with you. 1. Trust yourself. You know what you want and need. 2. Put yourself first. You can't be anything for anybody else unless you take care of yourself. 3. Let your feelings be known. They are important. 4. Express your opinions, it's good to hear yourself talk. 5. Value your thinking, you do it well. 6. Take the time and space you need - even if other people are wanting something from you. 7. When you need something, don't talk yourself out of it. Even if you can't have it, it's okey to need. 8. When you're scared, let someone know. Isolating yourself when you're scared makes it worse. 9. When you feel like running away, let yourself feel the scare. Think about what you fear will happen, and decide what you need to do. 10. When you're angry, let yourself feel