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My Reading History: How I Came to Love Books

I was in my second grade, I have been frequenting my Tita Carmen's house, because during that time, she was very fond of me. She was truly generous to me, and was shoving me a lot of books in her library, she wanted me to READ . Tita Carmen is my Dad's cousin, good thing is, they are the rich family who lived upon shelves and shelves of books, and was teaching me to love books as much as she does. We are not as fortunate as they are so I would always hop on over to their house, and borrow her books. She brags about her daughter, Ate Jing who has been a bookworm as she was the one who owned all the collections Tita Carmen has been keeping. My first ever read: The Cat in the Hat, is the first ever book I have come to love, I have loveD Dr. Seuss and all books he has written. Until in Grade 3, Tita Carmen upgraded my reading to this: I remember the first Nancy Drew book (Caroline Keene) I read was, The Secret of the Red-Gate Farm, followed by Secret of the Old Clock. I had

18th Mindanao Business Conference

Please click pic to view larger image. Business as usual, maybe, but that would be more interesting if we here in the Southern Mindanao learn more about our businesses, and how we have the chance to aim for progress and improvement in our businesses. Southern Mindanao, being a progressive area in Mindanao, is the venue for the 18th Mindanao Business Conference. And we here, would like to invite you for this big event that will happen come September 17-18. With lots of respective speakers to speak about totality in the business world, and the movement of Trade and Industry in the country, we invite you to be part of this experience. Please click here for further details.

Seatlbelt: One Slip That Could Save

When we started traveling in our car last April, I feel like I am very much protected because I am inside, comfortably sitting, in our very own car. With Hubby driving, it seems as if I am very much confident that I travel with him carefully manning the vehicle and bringing us to our destination safely. I have never seen him driving without fastening the seatbelt on. And he has this habit of reminding me to buckle up too. Lately, the late night news is being bombarded with lots of vehicular accidents who have victims not only arriving to the hospital bruised, but some dead. Mostly because of motorcycle collision or a headbutt among cars and big trucks. This then reminds me so much that life on the road is a challenge; that if you are not careful to mind your life, it could very much be in danger. Hubby tells me: "Gamitin mo ang seatbelt, hindi yan design ng sasakyan, para sa kaligtasan yan." (Fasten your seatbelt, that thing is not made as car design but for safety.) Alt

Siomai Recipe - Following Jeanny; and a Lot More

Friday: Grab A Crab Lunch and Taaz Bar Dinner with Friends I received a text from Bariles , inviting me for lunch with Donna Mae and her family at Grab a Crab. It was my first time meeting Donna's family and they were so friendly too. His dad is an enjoyable conversationalist and one who doesn't look down on people despite their wealthy status in life. They really are a bunch of nice people. Her Mom, a Farm Town addict like me, even invited us for dinner too, to which we promptly agreed to go and try their premium red coconut wine. Ahhh, twas heavenly. premiun red coconut wine: in short, bahalina! I only had a shot though, and I was already red all over my face. Swabe! Dinner went by with a nice band singing for us at their bar, and although we missed her Mom and Dad to a party they went to, we sure had fun. Oven roasted chicken and a bunch of steamed talong, okra with bagoong. Grilled tilapia, ahhh, delectable! Enjoying a hearty dinner with Donna Mae, Emman, Sir

Nag-uumapaw na Galit

I read this article from here . But if you don't want to click the link, let me share it with you. May araw din kayo By Conrado de Quiros Philippine Daily Inquirer 08/17/2009 Tatagalugin ko na nang makuha n’yo. Kahit na lingwaheng kanto lang ang alam kong Tagalog. Tutal Buwan ng Wika naman ang Agosto. Baka sakali ’yung paboritong wika ni Balagtas ay makatulong sa pag-unawa n’yo dahil mukhang ’yung paboritong wika ni Shakespeare ay lampas sa IQ n’yo. Kung sa bagay, ang pinakamahirap gisingin ay ’yung nagtutulug-tulugan. Ang pinakamahirap padinggin ay ’yung nagbibingi-bingihan. Ang pinakamahirap paintindihin ay ’yung nagmamaangmaangan. Bueno, mahirap din paintindihin ’yung likas na tanga. Pero bahala na. Sabi mo, Cerge Remonde, alangan naman pakanin ng hotdog ang amo mo. Bakit alangan? Hindi naman vegetarian ’yon. At public service nga ’yon, makakatulong dagdagan ng cholesterol at salitre ang dugong dumadaloy papuntang puso n’ya. Kung meron man s’yang dugo, kung meron man s

Gensan City's Traffic Lights System - Our New Baby

Once when i was in Cebu, there's this place in Colon Street where all pedestrians needed a shove in order to concentrate to where he/she's going, the traffic there is just so heavy that I couldn't believe my eyes taking a look at all the crowd passing by. I have never experienced being along with that huge crowd, and waiting for the go of the lights until everyone moves along. Funny it may seem, but I was truly amazed at what a traffic light can do. Now, here in General Santos City, we welcome a new baby, the traffic lights signal system. Yes, years back, we have been gifted with a traffic lights system but that was only located along Pioneer Avenue, an area where most traffic is seen daily because of the surge of students near that avenue. Congresswoman Darlene Antonino-Custodio (in red) with some Local Government Officials. photo by Bariles Now, thank goodness, it's located in one of the busiest streets of Gensan, the National Highway. Located near the junction

Fun with Words

Hi guys, Thanks for visiting today. I just wanna let you know that due to insistent public demand (LOL) from friends and other plurkers, I have created a new blog for a weekdays posting on new words. Entitled Fun with Words , I hope to share with you all some words I have learned during my entire reading life as a bibliobibuli. You might want to add that new blog to your blog lists. Thanks so much! Enjoy! sHenG

Net Language - Parents, Beware

If you are no tech-y, continue reading. NOT! You've been warned! Some of us may be groping with some stuffs in the net, and in the SMS our kids receive after checking their inbox, and some of us may be the ones bothered by these seeming inability of us to understand what they mean. Beware parents, these words, or group of letters may be harsh and incomprehensible but these are the kind that will save you from a miscommunication/misunderstanding with your kids. If you want to better understand them, we need to know their language, so here goes a few... * UG2BK . . . . . . . You got to be kidding * OMG. . . . . . . . Oh my God * WDYM. . . . . . . . What do you mean * GBTW. . . . . . . . Get back to work * NMP . . . . . . . . . Not my problem * PIR . . . . . . . . . . Parent in room * GFTD. . . . . . . . . Gone for the day * FYEO. . . . . . . . . For your eyes only * BI5 . . . . . . . . . . Back in five minutes * DEGT . . . . . . . . Don’t e

Baby Faces

Tabebs and her many faces! Isn't she adorable?

Ten Principles for Peace of Mind

I am guilty of some of these principles, many of us are, many of us crave for recognition, we become jealous, we interfere with others' concerns, we procrastinate, we do things we regret doing. I know it is but sad that many of these principles have a high chance of getting a disregard, but for us who know and experience the harsh realities of life, these ten may come in handy for future use. This is shared by a person I admire in his writing, his life has been so open because he writes what he sees, feels and illustrates what he has experienced, Blogusvox . A piece beautifully written, these ten (negatives) are the things that you may call a major drawback in your life for moving on, so in order to live a peaceful life, one that means sleeping peacefully at night with nothing to rush to the following day, take these ten as your major approach strategies in everyday living. 1. Do Not Interfere In Others' Business Unless Asked: Most of us create our own problems by interfer

Spellings Matter

I have long been following some of my friends' blogs and looks like some of them have nice experiences with different topics from the Philippine Star. Before, Jo of WitsandNuts had this post on her blog entitled Was that Indicative Plagiarism ? And most who read that, turned PhilStar's leaves in order to get ahold of the article. After that, the apology came out. A few months after that, another writer-plagiarist came out in a different article about Metallica . What I am going to share to you now, is not one that if of the same wing as plagiarism but the sensitivity of the writers in PhilStar to comments given them. This friend has been a writer of so many articles already, and is quite OC in spellings and other stuffs re: Journalism. Of course, we must be OC especially in our readings, because for me, spellings matter, we were all told to check our spellings even when we were in pre-school. This is really a petty subject though, but you might want to check it out here