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A Story of Betrayal...and Moving On

I couldn't think of anything to say while he was talking to me. The first thing we did was to laugh it out, because even if it meant him having to re-tell his story, I could sense that he was hurting inside, the pain searing through him, obviously weighing him down that he's gotten pretty much skinnier after 3 years that we've had a close encounter.  I never had any problem with him since I did my graceful exit from his company. If there was a problem with him, it was work related. It was never on a personal note that I went away to find a better workplace. It was something that I believe was due to some bad company decisions that gave me a chance to find my own place in the sun after working with his company. I'm talking about my former boss. 54 years old, beautifully married with three children for 27 years, until just recently when some bad turn of events came to claim his wife away from him. No, we weren't only just a boss-subordinate type, I believe

The Atman Spa Experience, a Naturally Good Way to Relax

The month of October proved to be very draining to me because of work, trainings, school, kids and a lot more house chores. It was a month that I rarely slept early, and the month when I had to be still up at 2AM and up again at 5AM because I needed to study for final exams, plus office reports and deadlines that were looming and work that were almost up to my neck.    I never wish to be back to that state anymore, because it makes my BP shoot up for lack of sleep and stress and many more reasons. Imagine Statistics eating up your energy because you have to do a research and to analyze all these statistics for use on your study? That's a lot. Plus, on others subject in school, I also had to write a Research Study (individual) plus a Group Research Study too, all in all 15,000 words. I couldn't imagine the pain that I felt then, it was a variety of sorts. Back pains, chest pains, eye strain, headaches, plus abnormally high BP.    And so I needed one that w

Sbarro is in Gensan!

I've been hearing much about Sbarro and how good their pizza is. I am actually a pizza lover and I always make it a point that I get a slice of pizza whenever I can visit a joint. Pizza makes me want to curl up in bed and read a good book, while munching on it, enjoying the delish chhese that it is topped with.  However, in General Santos City, we don't have a wide selection of pizza joints. We only have a few to mention Shakey's, Pizza Hut and Greenwich, oh and also Giacomino's and some local pizza joints too which could be good enough for one who's interested in thin crusts. The arrival of Sbarro in Veranza Mall here in the city then is a good welcome to counter classic pizza, and to introduce a different kind of pizza that's been baked from deep-dish pans and one that's New York style.  It was my first time to try Sbarro and so when I had to decide which ones I get to devour, I had to get help because there were so many var