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I Date a Man Other Than My Husband

Simply because I need to, we need to bond a little more because I believe there will come a time that he will no longer join me in my visits to the mall, he will already have friends whom he would go out with, and there will come a time that my hands will no longer be the hands that he will hold. There are times we go out, especially after office hours, I would call him up and ask him if he has vacant time for me. I am this woman who will ask him if he wants to eat something, if he has something he wants and I will buy it for him. I am his woman.  I will always ask him if he is okay, and if he has problems, he could tell me. I would always ask him if he has anything he wants to talk about, then my ears are always there for him. I would tell him not to bother thinking about worrisome things because I will try to provide.  There are times when he no longer has time to join me in my walks, no time to join me in doing the grocery. He would rather have his phone ready, and then