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Time Has Wings

How fast time flies! If you have been following my posts, you would surely understand that I am a busy person, busier than others are, methinks. But if there's one thing that March 1 reminds me, it is how fast time flies and you realize, you are already lacking time, and lacking time literally means you have to catch up and beat it; one thing you would never win if beating time is a race. But there's one thing I must remind myself and that is to BREATHE !

Small Surprises

When we got home last night, my 5-year old daughter was very excited to show me her drawing, it's been everyday that she presents her achievements in school whether it be a perfect score in her subjects or a good smiley tattoo on the hand to mark her good job. But I noticed that after my birthday, she has become busy on drawings and even making them into cards and last night, when we arrived, she showed this to us: I was very happy. A complete family, and I could not ask for more. Knowing your daughter loves you even in her drawings is very sweet. Now, who cannot be surprised with that? It may be a small surprise but I loved it anyway. It erased my sadness from the fact that my old phone , which the hubby now uses, was silently taken from his pocket by the "laglag-barya gang" yesterday morning on his way to the office. He said he was holding on to his backpack and a guy who has an accomplice with him, dropped a coin on the tricycle and was looking for it under the seat

And the Waiting Begins

Thursday came and I was grilled on the interview/deliberation. We were 9 applicants vying for only one regular position as Administrative Aide 6 for the DOLE. I was surprised there was only 9 from amongst the 25 on the first exam. But I am glad I was one of them. I prepared myself the night before, read about the department, and prepared myself for possible questions during the interview, to which some eventually were asked. In the afternoon, we had to undergo an aptitude test, Grammar: ok. Vocabulary: ok. Math: Darn. There were ten items for each, which can be answered for only 10 minutes. The most difficult of all, Math. I don't even know if I answered one correct item. All items were answerable by multiple choices, however, you have to solve them using multi-operations, to which cannot be made possible because of the ten minutes pressured span of time. Ugh. Oh, and an essay needs to be written too, my favorite among them all. But then again, should the selection board disregar

Craving for some Migraine, NOT

For more than 4 months already, I have not been visited by really severe headaches aka migraines. There comes a time when visits aka attacks are lurking but it's just that: slight attacks. Now, just when I wanted to give myself a migraine-free week because of my upcoming deliberation cum exam on Thursday, this fresh lumpia has been inviting me for a taste test. And the sad part of this craving, it comes with shredded kasuy (cashew nuts) as topping which makes it all the more delectable. And cashew nuts are just migraine-inducing. Darn! Well, I guess this just has to wait until after Thursday. Happy Belated Heart's Day! The husby and I just had dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a Chinese friend. How did yours go?

Blow Me Some Luck

I am not one who really believes on luck, but there sure is nothing to lose if you think on the good luck stuff. I still prefer being able to prepare for the future and think of working on ways to achieve a dream you have been aiming at. Remember the exams (with time pressured abstract and 300 personality items test) I have told you once? It's over and I took it last Thursday, that is the reason why this blog became silent after my birthday. I think I did good on that exam, really, the abstract to which I thought was really a difficult one the first time I took it, wasn't really that hard the second time, I even took it with a breeze. But then again, I am still jittery of the outcome. I have such low confidence on myself when it comes to exams. Yesterday, I was really happy when one of the bosses told me to come back on Thursday for the deliberation, it's going to be a panel interview with the high officials of DOLE. Therefore, again, I am asking for your prayers, I need

What's Next is Up to HIM

Okey, so I woke up today feeling all refreshed with strength renewed, said my prayers, and looking forward to what's gonna happen for the day. But it's really gonna be a busy day, a hectic Monday so to speak, work, eat, work, home. Nothing special except that -- it's my birthday! Yes, Happy Birthday to ME! 33 years in this life and I am still alive and kicking, and I thank my God for preserving me up to now. I already celebrated the weekend with a blast even though all of those were advance celebrations, on Saturday with my friends in GenSan and yesterday, with my Mom and Dad and siblings in Marbel. So I feel complete already, everything is good. Nothing more to ask for the birthday, but good health and the best of everything, and of course, as always my prayer, that regular job in the government office. =) My 32 years was spent to be a happy life, all the twists and turns were good and beneficial, even the trials and the hurts were all beneficial because it made me a str

The Five (5) "S" I Have Learned

When I entered the government service last November, I was surprised that there was so much space in the office that everywhere I looked, there seemed to be space. It was not the kind of environment I was looking forward to. In my previous office, everything just seemed too occupied. Papers here and there, folders, books, trash. There was a lot more of these stuffs, and our cubicle even seemed like one storeroom of trash. I was expecting the same scenario in the new office, even worst because it is the government, too many people, too many things to do, too many things to prioritize. But I was dead wrong. seeing the new office was quite a relief, at the same time, a wonder to me. Where did all the papers go? Why do they have to keep everything? Less paper and files on desks when in my previous working table, everything was just heaps of manuscripts to read. I finally learned that they were told to try practicing the 5 S, these are: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke . I learned