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Look Ma, No More Keys

You know what we went through before we came in the new house we have, right? We were broken into, and the break-in brought a lot of doubts into my mind; why God allowed this to happen, this and that, and a lot more questions filled up my mind, but then again, who am I to blame Him, when all He ever did was to care for me and my family. The burglars took away but small things, a nice mattress foam for the master's bed, and an electric fan. I wonder if his conscience can sleep through the air he breathes created by the blow of the fan, and if he can soundly sleep in the mattress. Now, we are also at a fault here, one, I guess because we have not securely locked the house, I must argue though that we did, it was double locked, the doorknob and one outside padlock more secure than the doorknob. But what can we do if both the locks were professionally picked and the doorknob broken into pieces. Two, we have filled the house with stuffs that were enticing for the robbers to get, thir

Yaman Gensan 2009 features Side A All Hits Live

The 7th Yaman Gensan is ongoing now and will last for a month; it has a number of activities prepared for Generals and visitors as well, especially to those who comprise the Small and Medium Enterprises of the city. Yaman Gensan, actually the shortened "Yabong Maliit na Negosyo sa Gensan" carries this year's theme being "Negosyo, Kaya Mo" provides for visitors, supporters and participants various activities and events designed to unify the business enterprise of Gensan in its Business Month. The Local Government Unit of Gensan, together with the Department of Trade and Industry and SMED Council promises the grandest Yaman Gensan to date. Activities and newsbits for the year's Yaman Gensan can be viewed here . Whereas the 5th Annual Yaman Award will be on July 18 at KCC Convention Center. (Please click picture for larger image.) And to those who want to enjoy a night of music and entertainment, it has also prepared a concert for the young and you

I Relaxed Too, Here

Welcome to Sarangani Highlands Last week, we had a trip to Maasim, Sarangani Province, we brought along the kids and MIL in order to visit a long time family friend and in order to close a deal with her school for our ID business. On our way home, we decided to drop by Sarangani Highlands, a hilltop plateau where fine dining and an extraordinary view is nestled. Tabebs, nagpapacute (You may click on each image for a larger view) the kids posing with the carabao and its glaring eyes the breath-taking view of Sarangani Higlands Lovely indeed, this place is also where Little Miss Firefly exchanged I do's with KJ. framing the falls Relaxing with the kois This is such a lovely place, good for muni-muni, some relaxing moments, and food-binging. I enjoyed the place so much, we had an instant dinner there and we had to really check every corner of the place. It is so relaxing because it overlooks the sea, and some mountainous areas where you can see the sun setting.

Gold Coins I don't have

Now, I have shown you once about my collection of coins and stamps and other stuffs including my love for postcards and other what-nots, and I have been in love lately with the quest for adding more to my collection. There is this site that i have been loving to check from time to time because this can help me in my love for adding more coins including gold coins in my collection. This site has proven to be legitimate and has given quality service in their gold coins and it is just my desire to have a gold coin too. You can have access to other gold denominations too, and by giving yourself the desire to have gold coins and getting one for yourself, you might just be in love with your collection of gold coins you need not stop there, get yourself more.

I was on TV!

During the launch of Productivity Olympics hosted by the Department of Labor and Employment together with the National Wages and Productivity Commission last June 16, I was very much glad to join because there were so many things I learned from their discussion, the media has asked a lot of interesting questions regarding productivity and they were all smiles when they ask their queries flashing their smiles in front of a Direct Tv where there was ABS-CBN and some other media networks holding their cameras. It's not that I was there because of the media and not to mention the food but I wanted to be seen on DirectTV too. Haha! Yes, and my wish was granted, the camera spotted me and there I was, seen on DirectTV with Ate Jinky Borela, a DOLE employee who invited us in the press conference. Now, this is good because this press conference they held was something that should really be shared on Direct TV , the Productivity Olympics for key generators in Sargen Area and creating a

The Evolution of a Home

It was January 2, 2007. Hubby and I were talking about life and family. It dawned on us that we have to get ourselves the independence that we must have, the freedom from in-laws and the freedom from other people's nuisance, if there is. We did not have money that time, and when we went to the company who provides housing loan c/o Pag-ibig, they said they needed P5,000 for reservation of a house. Now it was after the New Year celebration, and our wallets are just too thin to ever contain that amount, I asked Hubby's cousin if she could lend me that amount in order for us to have that lot reserved. January 5, I have had the P5,000, reserved the house and lot. And goodness only knows what happened next. It was May 24, the letter stated Pag-ibig has granted us the house we were applying for, and come June 24, starts the 1st amortization of the house. We were so happy, but we kept it a secret from the folks, Hubby's mom is against the idea of having a loan of which you have

Visiting A Resort this Weekend

Today, June 12, is Independence Day and we have a lot of things to do in order to be prepared for the hectic week ahead of us, i have three schools to do ID pictorial with, on the side personal business. And i still have the manuscripts and 1 dictionary to copyedit. Now, since I want my kids and I to bond over the long weekend, I have decided to bring the kids to some beach resort like this Myrtle Beach Resort where we can laze in the sand and celebrate this year's Father's day even with some tight budget. I wonder if there are some people who will go and enjoy the Resort in Myrtle Beach . Or maybe bring some foods and some books to read and enjoy the nice view in Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach. I hope that when i bring the kids to the resort, they will have a good time bonding with me and their Dad, and we can celebrate Father's Day earlier so we could also prepare for a hectic week of business days, so no office for me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, haha!

Teaser House Pics Without the Direct TV Yet

Hello everyone, I wanted to update you with the latest pics of the house, but i am yet trying to check which ones are best to feed your eyes. Our dslr captures were all good and a 4 gig mc all filled up so i am definitely at a grasp which ones i will have to show you. kitchen/dining area This teaser pics are yet to be added with pics of the car and of the recent housewarming we held. This pic doesn't have complete stuffs of the house yet including the tv rack. I don't have a DirectTV access in my home yet, I have yet to decide which provider I will choose as i am still looking for nice and affordable but dependable Direct TV Satellite but you will have a good glimpse of the house especially the part I have been spending most of my time with, the garden. living room For more pics, and to tour you around the house that we have long been keeping and taking care of, please get back in this site until Wednesday, as I am still busy for the moment but surely I will be showing y

A Celebration and Sharing It on Direct TV

Two months after we have moved, we have decided to have the new house blessed and offered to God properly. It is God's grace that He gave us the strength to work and earn and get the house, and He has blessed us with so many things. I have once blogged about what I/we need and want for this year 2009, and that included a lot of things with mention of a car. You see, the house we got is a little bit far from downtown area, 12 kilometers to be exact, away from the old house. So hubby and I prayed for a car, and He granted it. Yehey! Yes, God granted us with lots of beautiful blessings since last year, and we can never thank HIM enough, and so we offered to HIM everything we have. It was March 7, when we bought the second-hand car, had to store it for awhile in the garage since March was a super busy month for us, and it was only until April 4 that we made good use of it. And so, all my March earnings/savings from the business were spent in the purchase of the car and other stuffs

His Would-Be Online Respite

Summer is officially over, yes, and because of that, my boy will have to busy himself with school stuffs and with assignments. Summer has come and gone but my boy was just a pure bum to be memorizing the multiplication table, but instead, he has devoted his time reading, Farm Town (which I ask him to do for me, since Mommy is so busy at work), and online games . However, online games have been affecting his behavior so much that I think his being glued to the Internet always makes him super choleric. I don't know, but I think I must do something to get his mind away from the net. Plus, this youtube thing, with different videos existing in there doesn't help. New gadget for the kid, this Gameboy is for me... I'm now thinking of checking shops and gaming guides that will help me buy something good for the son, in order to control his Internet use. All work and no play makes a boy unhappy, so for his first achiever ribbon, if he works for it, he gets something with remo

A New Mailbox, That's what I Need

Thanks to people who have been loving me and giving me inspiration through their blogs and through their lives. I am just happy that you have been supportive of me in my new level of blogging and for considering my concept of university blogging, I am glad that you consider me as your classmate, thanks so much because this made me feel so accepted , teehee... Over the past few months that I was so busy with the move to the new house, I have also received lots of blog love from blogger friends in our in-laws' mailbox . This made me ecstatic knowing that I am just so loved. First off, Jane Austen awarded me this because I have been reading her novels... The Jane Austen Book Club hosted by the beautiful and so generous Jo of Wits and Nuts had a giveaway contest for reading and blogging about what we have read. Pride and Prejudice, the last of the novels we have to read made me claim this prize. Ahhhh, lovely goodies. Thanks Jo! It was the curly girl's blogoversary, and I am g