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life is constant work...

i have just finished doing the dictionary i was assigned to do and beat the deadline on April...arggghhh... just finished g... and h is on it's way... can't figure out why i have to do it... when things seem so happy to be just going out and eating good food...   am i just wasting my time?... but wait, when i don't get to work extra, i get no extra... huhuh, the simplicity of things... am on the way to finishing this up so i could have enough sleep, and get no zits on the face... we all learn to work, how i wish everyone will just learn to value work and stop complaining about how hard work is, anyway, it's what you do in order to eat. life is a constant work and unless you take note of it, you'll find yourself grumpy over small matters that are tiring and don't deserve much attention.  i don't like working much, i want to sleep, eat, and watch tv the whole day. but if i don't work at all, even if my husband earns enough, i can't have the chance to