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The Sweet Tooth Attack

I have been craving for a lot of foods lately. From spaghetti, cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream and batchoy. The food i am drooling for actually depends on the weather. The other day, because it was so hot and humid, I wanted a chocolate ice cream paired with a blueberry cheesecake. Yesterday, the husband was resting because of flu, I suggested i get him batchoy because it was raining and cold. He refused it. And now, i wanted something sweet. No, it's not what you think. I am not expecting! I am just too stressed that these sinfully delicious goodies could make me water and I wanted so much to get. But then again, we don't have KK here. I got two boxes of these when Marian came to Davao and we met there bringing me these yummy delights. And I want it again! Oh noes! What could be wrong with me? Calories, hello there! i just might myself a chocolate cake later then.

Sleep Mode on Blogging

I may be really busy with lots of stuffs but despite my hectic schedule, I am thinking of you. Bago pa kasi ang pasukan eh, haaay naku. Abala muna kami sa trabaho. I will be going on blogging hiatus for I do not know how long, but when i get the chance, will visit all of you in your blogs. Kayo? What's keeping you busy? Just to let you know that I'm wishing you all the best! sHenG

To My Dad

Dear Dad, For the longest time, I have kept silent about what I feel. There may be times, a lot even, that you feel I have abandoned you after I got myself a family. But that is just not true. I may have missed on important events in our own family, I am sorry. I was busy tending for my kids and there are times I just cannot leave the kids. For some reasons unavoidable, life seems to be out of luck, an up and down battle. But we are surviving Dad, I am like you, I got the principles you have taught me. I will emerge successful. I may not be there to celebrate every occasion with you, but in my heart, my wish is that I celebrate it with you all. And be with you and Mommy and my siblings. Dad, let me tell you this much, I love you. Life may be hard, and I may have made myself invisible for you but I hope you know how much I miss you and with everything you have made me become, and for all the love and concern you have for me and my family, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart, I lo

Back to School, First Day of School

I'm kinda' queasy today, for tomorrow, my daughter will be heading to school already. This is her first ever formal schooling, we had enrolled her on summer classes before, Vacation Bible classes too, and the teacher who dealt with her in school recommended her to mid-morning session (the A section). Tomorrow is my daughter's first day of school. Tabebs is entering Kinder 1, we have decided not to enroll her on Nursery because we decided on teaching Tabebs everything that they teach in Nursery. We gave her books and at 3, she already knows how to write her name, better than those who have passed Nursery. She can already count from 1 to 20, and has memorized every color in the color wheel, and even knows a little of addition. But why am I anxious for tomorrow? Because for the first time, Tabebs will be settling for school. And she, being our youngest is still a baby for us. Biboy is entering Grade 4 tomorrow. Look how fast time has sped. In due time, I will be guarding hi

Biboy's Good Deed

Hey guys! I may be busy but I sure visit you as often as I could. Today, we did something good and am proud that we did. By we, it's my son, Biboy and I. My son's old pairs of shoes he wore in Grade 3 are already too small for his feet. He and I decided to give away the pairs and I promised him I will buy him a new one, once his dad and I can let our pockets breathe. So last week, we bought him a new pair of leather shoes, just timely for the opening of the school year. When we were home, he reminded me that we should give his old leather pair to someone in need. The shoes were really strong, and it would seem as though it was not overused. It was branded so the pair was really a durable one. Today, I brought the shoes to our office and gave them to our janitress. It was for her son. I can see the smile she gave me, full of delight and gratitude while saying her thanks. She was really overwhelmed that I could see her eyes swelling with tears. I did not want to see her cry

The Red Tent Steakhouse - Gensan

I have always loved food although I am not really a good food writer. But I know good food when I see one! So when the the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers headed to lake Sebu, we ended up feasting at The Red Tent Steakhouse in Gensan. We were kinda uneasy because of the tired legs we have, and the sticky feeling just won't let go, but after that we saw the food, they are just the best! Owned by Dexter and Dina Dumaran, close kins of the man, Mr Gilbert Tan, this place is a relaxing haven where one can eat, talk, dilly-dally, drink cooffee and surf. Yes, they're wifi hotspot! T-bone Steak, very juicy and tender! TRTS Crown Rib This is the first time I have seen this dish. Although I admit I have not tasted this because it was too far from us, I have wanted to grab the platter and get the feel of the ribs! But I know by just the looks of it, and by the drool on my fellow bloggers' faces, this is a special dish! Crab in Garlic Sauce And i was so filled because of this really d

Seven Falls, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato - 2nd Day Summer Safari

I woke up at 4am, prepared everything in order to reach the scheduled 7.30 am breakfast at Dolores Farm Resort in Polomolok, South Cotabato. It was the second day of our first ever SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari. We went with Donna Mae and headed straight to Polomolok for the breakfast treat and to meet with the other bloggers from CDO and Davao who were housed at Ice Castle Hotel owned by Mr. Rey Billena. After the sumptuous breakfast, we had a chance to tour their mini zoo which I have already featured once . Thank you Dolores Farm Resort. courtesy of Lyle Santos Everything was really cool, and most of us were excited for the trip to Lake Sebu. And off we went. On our way to Lake Sebu, a call came to prompt us of an important thing, we made a wrong turn and instead of going to Lake Sebu, we turned to the road going to T'boli! Haha! So much for the excitement! But to cut the story short, we arrived safely, after the wrong turn and a few delays of which some cars were blocked beca