Tuesday, June 1

Seven Falls, Lake Sebu, South Cotabato - 2nd Day Summer Safari

I woke up at 4am, prepared everything in order to reach the scheduled 7.30 am breakfast at Dolores Farm Resort in Polomolok, South Cotabato.

It was the second day of our first ever SoCCSKSarGen Summer Safari. We went with Donna Mae and headed straight to Polomolok for the breakfast treat and to meet with the other bloggers from CDO and Davao who were housed at Ice Castle Hotel owned by Mr. Rey Billena. After the sumptuous breakfast, we had a chance to tour their mini zoo which I have already featured once. Thank you Dolores Farm Resort.

courtesy of Lyle Santos

Everything was really cool, and most of us were excited for the trip to Lake Sebu. And off we went. On our way to Lake Sebu, a call came to prompt us of an important thing, we made a wrong turn and instead of going to Lake Sebu, we turned to the road going to T'boli! Haha! So much for the excitement!

But to cut the story short, we arrived safely, after the wrong turn and a few delays of which some cars were blocked because of the muddy situation on the Seven Falls area. Nevertheless, we had to walk to reach the zipline area as that was the main reason of our mission there.

walking towards the Seven Falls entrance and braving the heat of the sun

CDO, Davao, SoCCSKSarGen bloggers and some others waiting for the zip

You can just imagine the number of people lining up for the zipline. It is that in-demand. There were tourists from Baguio City and other places too. I have even sighted some foreigners. We were more than thirty too, and we were the 7th in queue, and were advised to be back after lunch. We didn't waste time while there so we walked towards the first waterfalls which is just nearby.

A little lower, and is very near the viewing deck, this falls is accessible to many visitors and folks in the area, and not minding the shower, one can pose for pictures walking through the slippery and muddy rocks towards it.

But no, this waterfalls is not the most majestic of them all, the second waterfalls is and can best be viewed through the zipline. But as I have mentioned, we were not in time to try it out. So while the others went posing for the falls, while some groups went to Punta Isla for a rest, we went trekking! And to let you know what made my legs weak, it was the 774 steps towards the second falls. 'Twas a descending slope though so it was not that heavy for me, but all the same, TIRING.

Blending with nature

I survived having to trek those 774 steps just to get a closer look at the majestic falls. Five of us, including hubby, Donna Mae, Ariel and Emman were exhausted with the long walk but then, lookey!

The gushing water was just so majestic and it overwhelmed me I could cry! God made nature so man could appreciate what He did, and I am just delighted I saw a real falls. Two to be exact! Very majestic, and lovely! Thank You Lord for these favors.

See the towel? it was actually dripping wet with my sweat!

But everything is just so worth it. The long walk, the painful muscles I have now, and the thrill! All so worth it. We may have been exhilarated with the trek but getting close to nature was just amazing.

We went to lunch at Punta Isla sponsored by Mr. Francis Sablon of Zion Travel and Tours. While there, we had a short meeting about improving the organization and naming it and having to launch it formally soon.

The CDO bloggers traveled nine hours just to get to Lake Sebu and they can't be stopped. After lunch, they went back and waited for the queue we already had reserved. And they did the zipline. And guess what, they were amazed at the experience, so I must try that zip soon! But then again, the trek was good too!

Lake Sebu is 2 hours away from General Santos City. Lantaw has posted about his zipline experience already, but try the trek too, it's just but lovely.

Reminder to self though: Do daily walks around subdivision, so as not to traumatize the legs on more long walks.


docgelo said...

it appears that everyone really had fun! ...that waterfalls looks awesome! i smiled when i read your note to self.

Envy Me Salon said...

we really should go back ate sheng and try the zipline… but 1st things 1st coffee farm at the foot of matutum!!! :) hehehehe

escape said...

ayon nakita ko si ria. ang ganda talaga ng falls na yan pero nakakatakot yan pag malakas ang ulan.

enjoy na enjoy yung summer safari.

RedLan said...

Looks sobrang fun. the food, the fellow bloggers and the place. lake sebu is indeed a must visit. Ganda lahat ng photos. thanks for sharing

pamatayhomesick said...

laglag ang mata ko sa inggit.. ha ha ha. ganda ng laglagtubig!

bertN said...

That much water falling from the falls at the height of summer! How did I missed this place when I was doing field works in Cotabato for more than a couple of years!

Kayni said...

these are beautiful photos, sheng.

Anonymous said...

wow such a nice adventure! i see it is on south cotabato. yung iba pag nadinig na bandang mindanao parang puro negative na lang ang idea, pero sa pictures mo ibang-iba ang image sheng.

Heart of Rachel said...

The summer safari looks fun and exciting. Lovely photos especially the falls.

orman said...

nakakainggit pero okay lang... babalikan ko ang zipline ride na yan pero kailangang paghandaan ever! balik biking and walking muna ako ng one month para bongga ang hangin sa paglalakad!

Ibyang said...

that's such a lovely experience sheng. so beautiful. :) love the waterfalls shots.

Ela said...

Ganda talaga sa Lake Sebu. Buti na lang pinasyal ako dun ni Gay.Try mo yung zipline, Sheng! Gusto mo, sabay tayo next time? he he he

Kamusta kina Rick, Ta-bhebs and Biboy. Thanks sa cheese sticks!

nuts said...

wow, ang ganda! sana makita ko rin in real.. parang di ako makapaniwala me ganito kagandang falls nga.. wow!!

Brennan said...

Hi Sheng. I'd be looking out for your zip-line entry very soon.

Have you also tried the trek that would take you all the way to Falls #7? We only made it up to Falls No. 5.

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