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Of Achievements and Resolutions

Summing up 2008, I'd say it was a BUSY year for us. Busy because we had so much to do, to take care of. But of all the things we did, the best that came to us and what we are most thankful for is the purchase of our DSLR Camera. It dawned on us to buy one because business is good and we need to compete with the growing industry we are circulating in. The DSLR has accompanied us to places we have been to and of course, the most exciting travel we did was the Cebu-Boracay-Iloilo. The travel was well worth it, precious moments with the family and valuable joys with Nature. Family and all that it has achieved has made me strong and hoping for more. All glory to God for this achievements. For the coming 2009, one of my resolutions is the longest resolution I have kept, longest because I always fail in doing this. There's more to the resolution list so I want to share it with you, the longest I have kept still tops it, of course. 5. lessen my unsolicited commenting to people around

Busy Christmas

I would love to snuggle in bed for the rest of the holidays! yes, people. I am lazy this Christmas. Forgive me if I cannot post something worthwhile, it's just that, what with the reunions and Christmas parties and Christmas shopping and other stuffs (I got bring home work to do!). Please enjoy Santa's little alalays. Hubby had a shot of them while we were visiting my parent's place in Koronadal City, South Cotabato for the Christmas Eve. Happy New Year! May 2009 bring fruitful days ahead to all of you! Cheers for the New Year Guys! Love Always, sHenG

Bloglove No. 5 - Christmas Love

If there's anything I would like to really thank for because it made me a better person, that is to blogging. I once kept a diary to keep up with my feelings and with all the things my whirlwind life includes. Now, I no longer use a diary because I felt that it was too "teen-agerish" for me to do so. I did not keep journal or so, I just don't feel like it. But thanks to blogging. It has opened me up a wee bit more to the world. I write what is in my heart and what is in my mind. I haven't really thought of keeping my identity, because I feel that when I do so, it's just not opening up. Blogging is one of my outlets. A mixture of my emotions. What I feel, what I hear, what I want. And through blogging, I have made friends who has showered me with love, with ears to listen to, with eyes to read about my rants and raves, with comments to keep me sane. And with very special love to cheer me up, especially during this special time of the year. I just want to

You can teach an old dog new tricks, monkeys too!

This is my 1o1st post ladies and gentlemen! Hurrah to blogging! Last Saturday evening, my kids and I, together with our photo master, my hubby, went to a gym nearby. Biboy wanted to watch Saver the Wonder Dog together with his trainor, Jun Lazarte. It was Biboy's second time to watch Saver, he went to watch this performance before together with his dad, I was preggy then with Tabebs. So for the second time that Saver visited Gensan, we all watched the show, and it was a bonding day with the kids. Jun Lazarte is a very cool dude, I dunno why, but he has this passion for teaching animals some tricks, and they get to perform it very well. I am not so fond of pets but I just know that when you have pets, you just have to be a responsible pet owner. So here's some pics of the show. A guinea pig, a rodent who pulls strings to raise the Phipilline Flag, very cool noh? See the flag being raised up? The monkey standing with his hands, feet up. A kiss from the monkey! Jun brou

R, and what it is to me...

I commented on one of Blue Rose's posts and she gave me the letter R . I have to think of the Rs of my life and share them with you. Okey, here are the Rs of my life... Ric - my hubby's name Ric Christian - my son's name Raine Cassandra - my daughter's name Reading - my job, and my very special hobby Red Roses - my favorite flowers Road-trip - one thing I love to do with my kids and hubby Roller coaster ride - one thing I haven't done yet in my entire life Rice - what I don't forget to have every meal, except snacks Red - One of my favorite colors Rest - one I really need to get during the holidays Riyadh - uhmmm, one thing I am praying for. I gave you 11, you have to give me ten only. You want a letter?

Of Kids and Christmas

When I was a kid, I do not remember my Mom and Dad bringing us kids to places that is worthy of a kid's heart. Not that they don't love me or whatever you think, but we just don't have nice places to go to during Christmas. We only enjoy the holidays because we are together, and yes, this brings simple joy to us kids, the gift-giving and the Noche Buena. It is nice to know that these days, we have made use of our creativity and many municipalities and cities have made their city parks a nice getaway place for kids especially during Christmas time. Last week, we brought the kids to the City Oval Plaza to witness what we call "Pasko sa Gensan" and they were so amazed at the lights that twinkle and the designs that made the plaza become "Enchanted" as it was also themed as "Enchanted Gensan". These are some of the things that captured my kids' hearts, and what we have captured with our camera. I would like to share this to you too, I am sha

To My Knight in Shining Armor

No words are enough to let you know how happy I am having you in my life. No words can express how much you mean to me. No smile can make me grin so wide than meeting your smile. No hug is as tight as the ones you give me. No joy is better than the effect of the love we share. If for reasons undefined I have been unfair, forgive me. If for schedules undesired, we miss out on each other, let's make up. If for the quest of looking good, I look awkward to you, let me share to you the secret of my beauty. If for doing nothing, I make you a slave, now let me serve you as my king. Because it's your birthday, I just wanna let you know how happy I am because of having you. I may not give you material things that cost much, because I am not rich, but I can give you my world, because you know, I only evolve because of you. Happy Birthday to the Creator of my Kids, my Knight in Shining Armor Love you so much Dad! I'll live my life for you .

The Day the Earth Stood Still

If the earth die, you die. If you die, the Earth survives. Which would you choose? Alarming, right? But so true. Time has placed us to a transformation that we cannot control. It's not the Technology that destroyed the Earth, it's US. The Day the Earth Stood Still tells of an alien who visited our planet and tried to save the Earth. Save the Earth from what, you will ask. From the human race. Yes, the alien wanted to save the Earth from us, human beings. As my eyes wandered from the actions I have seen on the screen, my mind wanders and wonders as to what extent we have damaged our planet. The effect of the damage is already alarming: the hole in the ozone layer, floods everywhere, storms in the Philippines, landslides in Malaysia, hurricanes in the Western part of the world, earthquakes and tsunamis in Indonesia. The story speaks so true to what is really happening in our planet now. It is truly our attitude towards the Earth that damaged the environment. We have becom

Blog Love No. 4

Our internet failed to cooperate with me for the past two days, that's the reason why I haven't posted anything. The weekend was long here in our side of the Philippines, we usually support our Muslim brethren in their holidays and it was a Muslim holiday last Monday, so we had a long rest. Tuesday came and our internet was having problems connecting us to the world. But thanks to good hands, it's back, just now. Last week, I had a number of blog love that came in the mails. Ohhhhhhhhlala, it was such a surprise, everything made me happy. It's just so good when friends think of you and send you something. First off, this "I Think Green" shirt came to my doorstep. The kids were literally excited to open the package but waited until I came home. She also included a journal for me. Just timely for the New year coming, I needed one that I can write my schedules on. It was the thing I just want, slim and simple, one I can carry around with no hassle. Thanks to &q

Creepy Art... or Not?

My family went to Davao early this year, just to enjoy bonding together as a family. We don't have any relatives in Davao City but a little adventure with the kids is what we really want to have, so off we went and toured Davao City's finest stops. Our feet were tired and sore from all the walking to and fro, we brought the kids to the Davao People's Park, to the Crocodile Park, Colasa's Barbeque Street, and some malls. We searched for a hotel to sleep over and found Ponce Suites . The weary kids were no longer interested to tour the hotel as we went back past 11pm, until the following morning, and goodness gracious, the hotel alone, was a tourist spot. It was actually hubby's idea to visit this place because he has heard so much from this hotel. Hence, I will show you what we have seen... This is the aisle of the hotel. Up the ceiling were crawling ants. If you take a close look at them, there are some pics of the sweets the ants were craving for and so answers