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Hottest Summer in Gensan

This meme has been shared all over Facebook, and it speaks clearly and truly about the state of the dry spell hat hit this city.  As I have heard from the news, the hottest has been a scorching 38.4 and could go as high as 39 to 40. And it's in Gensan. It's as if hell is just around the corner, seriously.  For some though, it's still a season of enjoying the sun, and with that, people still scamper to the beach if only to experience the cool tide waters. But as for me and my family, the beach is not in our list. Why? Because the hot Gensan sun is too much to bear, and the air is also as humid as any day is. Well, that's it. But more to it than that, I'm up to my neck with workloads, that's why. So the beach is not in our summer list.  (Let's just keep the busyness part secret from my kids.)  Hello everyone! I hope it's not as HOT  in your place as it is here.