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Linis List This Long Holiday

Remove curtains for washing. Cover some knickknacks in order not to gather dust on them. Get rid of cobwebs. From ceilings to walls, vacuum if possible. Take indoor plants outside, replace with new plants. Wipe tabletops, picture frames, ceramics with wet rag. Clean again using dry rag for polishing. Clean mirrors. Clean lampshades and fluorescent lights, wipe with dry clean rag. Dust appliances. Apply polish on furniture and appliances. Rearrange furniture. Clean under sofas, chairs, cabinets. Sweep. Change bedsheets and pillow cases. Do the laundry. Clean inside and outside area of fridge. Brush bathroom tiles. Clean toilet. Manicure lawn. Sweep lawn Arrange outdoor potted plants. Plant more ornamental plants. Trim overly crowded plants. Arrange clothes inside the closet. Arrange clothes inside my kids' closets. Clean bookshelf. Arrange books. And the list goes on, and on, and on, that I don't even have time to attend to posh weddings on the 8th, what with the beach weddings

Dirty, Just Dirty

Warning: Dirty, Has the Power to Turn Your Stomach Upside Down We ordered 6 servings of pancit canton - atay during our coffee break last Friday, and while office mates were too busy eating their portions, I was busy doing some writing, and so I was not able to immediately devour mine. Until after a few minutes when almost all helpings were already consumed, our cashier announced that the portion she's eating has sauteed cockroach in it. The office was suddenly stirred and there was a commotion because everyone wanted to take a peek at the sauteed cockroach in the pancit canton. The group took shots of the celebrity foreign body in the pancit and while I was too busy to notice about the commotion, I was really glad that I haven't touched my pancit yet, or else, it could have turned my stomach. I lost my appetite after I learned about it. I dunno what to say, but these restaurants must pay close attention to what they are serving their consumers. The incident that happene

Corruption Starts in Small Ways

An officemate was trying to rebook her ticket to a different schedule, and using the office phone, called long distance to Manila to try re-booking her flight details. More than thirty minutes had gone by and she was still on the phone, arranging her flight details. Without a brake, I called her attention and said: Me: Reminder lang po, office phone po yan and you are calling long distance for a personal call. She just sheepishly smiled at me. I do not know if I embarrassed her by doing that but I believe I did the right thing. I could understand if it was something with urgency, but I didn't think it was. I feel bad because I had to call her attention, the fact that she's stayed longer with the department more than I did. But still, I think I did the right thing. Corruption in the government starts with little things such as a simple phone call.

To Law School or Not to Law School, That is The Question

I am not sure if you already knew I took up law studies and landed on the second year when I got pregnant with my girl and stopped. Well, I did, and the reason why I took up law 7 years ago was that I really wanted to be a graduate, additional bonus if I get to be a lawyer. Now though, I have been thinking of getting myself a masters, or going back to law school. My sisters have been bugging me that since I have already started with it, and now that I am connected as a regular employee with DOLE, the labor department, I must get back to finishing it. I am in a confused state as to whether I must go back or not because law school is never a joke, and not an easy matter to deal with unlike other subjects which may only need private tutoring and that's it. The bar exam results of last year proved to be yet another tough hump before you get to sign the Roll of Attorneys but I suddenly feel like I wanted to finish law school. This would also mean additional points for my future pro

Famous Cultural Landmark in Surallah, South Cotabato

We went to Lake Sebu last Saturday to celebrate my brother's 16th birthday, and while on our way to witness the majestic falls, we were already planning to drop by Surallah to check out their most famous cultural landmark, the round ball. I do not really know how it was named the Round Ball since it seems so redundant to be called as such but to question it, honestly, won't give you much intelligent answer as we also have round balls in Koronadal City and General Gantos City. Actually a rotunda, but ever since has been called the Round Ball. Unveiled last March 15, 2011, it’s towering, obelisk-like central piece of a 2-string lute points straight to heaven , silhouetted by the blue sky at more than 60 feet above the ground. Called he’galong by indigenous T’bolis, the slim lute seemingly grows from the core of a huge, endemic , bulb plant bohong, the elongated leaves of which spread out in radial fashion . ( via ) I have heard about this new landmark that Surallah boast