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Anything goes

So, this is what we call blog. I don't usually understand why technology is very much fast these days that they invented email and sms on a fast-paced level, and now comes blog. Well, i guess it's what we call marching apace with the race of time and technology. Haahhh... talk about technology. My husband just got himself a new digital camera and he can't get his hands off it. It made me think that everything in the world is a race, from technology to communications. Who would have thought that we all started from telegraphic messages, tlegrams, and now is the most advanced, the short messaging sytem. Urgh, why can't we find enough effort to write... (and go back to the old times? Nevah!) I might spend some time listening to the FM Radio, but hey, and do unjustice to the new mp3 player... Technology...