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Santa Delivered My Christmas Gift Early

I've been asking for it, praying for it. And it has come. As the secretary to the Regional Director, my role is to place incoming and outgoing files on my boss' table and check whether some papers placed on it has been signed so I could have it routed back to where it belongs. That being one of my routine activities, I had to rummage through stacks of documents on my boss' table to check which ones are signed and those which need to stay for her appropriate action. But last Thursday when I had to check, I couldn't get my eyes off that sheet of paper bearing my name, in bold letters. I never placed that document inside her office because it was something confidential but I saw it right before my very eyes. The RD was to sign my appointment!  I have been waiting for it, in fact I have asked others to pray with me for that intention, and it has come. After 3 months of waiting for the answer, I got promoted! 3 months in feat for that sweet moment when the

4th Mindanao Occupational Safety and Health Summit in Gensan

We pulled off the 4th Mindanao Occupational Safety and Health Summit okay, with excellent Opening Ceremony, a great and witty host was there to lift up everyone's moods. We were really okay. I had goosebumps listening to the MSU Kabpapagariya Ensemble for their opening salvo, and their production number was awesome!   The DOLE Undersecretary was there to give the keynote speech, thankfully, the Mayor was also there to welcome the guests who hailed from different places all over Mindanao. My salute to those who actually had their hands full in making this OSH Summit a successful one.  But while I was at the point of checking time again and again as to where the guests are, I wonder what time they will come, and who they are with. There were less confirmations and some of them came at the last hour we expected them to. What's pressing us is TIME, and we as Filipinos have a hard time dealing or managing our time.  The summit started close to an hour late. There, I s

Photographs and Memories

I had an idle time yesterday because I made it a point to rest on a Sunday. The kids were asking me to go to church but I cannot bring myself to because I felt too tired to move a muscle after we had the laundry placed in the clothesline. Husband feel the earth spinning and so I thought it better we stay and help him out otherwise leave him alone to conk out, God forbid. So I grabbed our old photo albums, and thought how little time I dedicated into making the album a presentable one, I had limited time to check on it and the albums looks too cramped, disorganized and dusty over time. So an idea went lighting up my mind, and I wonder how the albums would look like if I make them into a scrapbook. Let's see then. I still have not enough time to put my hands on those albums but since the idea is already there, I might as well cling to it. My mind has taken me back to those times as seen in those photos. How one can remember the past just by looking into a simple photograph

Prepping up for the Holidays

The long weekend that we celebrated the Halloween made me rest well and good. It was a moment when I had nothing to do, wanted nothing to do but only sleep and eat and read. Though I have a bundle of things I brought home to finish, it turned out I have never laid my fingers on that bundle of papers I eventually returned to the office today just because I never touched any task I was supposed to do. The kids, though bored because of the repeating movies and shows via Cartoon Network and the Disney Channel, were also in the spirit of laziness. Good thing everytime there was our tummies grumbling, there was also food to cook or leftovers for us to munch. I found it working with much effort to cook, but then again, I was forced to otherwise my kids would resort to opening canned food sitting in my pantry for how many months I do not remember.  What was good about that long weekend we had was when the kids were up for some picture-taking knowing that they will be able to see th