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Mindanao, My Beautiful Mindanao

I was in Grade 5 when my parents decided to transfer to Mindanao, permanently. That was, give and take, 25 years ago. While we had limited opinions as we were yet kids, we were apprehensive of finding our place in Mindanao because of the things we heard back then about the place.  That there are killings in Mindanao, that the Muslims are known to be abusive people, that we are foreigners to their land, and that it is hard to live there because of the conflicts between Christians and Muslims are just some of the reasons why I and my sisters wouldn't want to welcome the thought that we were leaving peaceful Antique to a land unbeknownst to us. But it happened. My family moved to Mindanao. Passing through Zamboanga City, we arrived in Koronadal, South Cotabato and it is where I took my 6th Grade and more. It is the land which opened my eyes that what they say about Mindanao is not true. That there is no truth to some lies they say about the land. That Mindanao is beautiful. 

Back to My Roots

My year and a half of stay at the old office  where I was assigned at, were both happy and sad, both a challenge and a struggle. That short stint as focal person of so many programs has been quite a challenge not because of the work it gives me, but more because of the people I deal with and how multiple my tasks were. There has been times when I could not understand what am I to do first because everything is in a hurry. But I was happy, I had to enjoy the work that was assigned to me. I am supposed to enjoy the people that I have to deal with and I have to be polite to them while having to treat my bruised ego and hurting heart. But the Good Lord answered my cries. I was transferred to another field office where I can just ride the trike and pay a minimal amount, and so I could save more. More to it than that, I am closer to my family. They are only 10 minutes away from where I now work. This new workplace is very familiar to me despite the changes of management and the peop