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Philippine Transit Application Challenge Pictorial

The Philippine Transit Application Challenge is one avenue where one can create or develop an application to cater to the needs of our transit/transportation and other applications to the benefit of commuters, pedestrians, tourists and even for those with special needs. This is one way where hackers, programmers, computer engineers, developers and other freelancers whose hobby is to make or develop apps to challenge themselves in the making of the best application that will not only be beneficial to each Filipino, but also must contribute something to our constituents' transit needs. This is a competition for Intelligent Trip-Planning by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) launched just this July 1. For those interested, one may check out more information at the DOTC website .       On our end, a Boot Camp was held to inform the public about this challenge and to explain to the candidates/possible developers the mechanics of joining this competitio

Unresolved Issues of 3 Years, Closed

It has been three years when I left my former job at a local publishing house here in General Santos City. What happened then was that, I was no longer happy with them and found an exit when the demands I was asking were ignored.  My demands were simple, 1) that they pay the delayed contributions of the SSS of all the personnel entitled of it, and 2) that they pay all the Pag-ibig contributions of all that is entitled to it; 3) that they pay the loans that were already deducted from their salaries and remit it to the offices mentioned; and  lastly, that they follow the minimum wage because it is written in the laws.  But they were too deaf and blind to see the outcome of such requests. Nobody dared to demand all these from them and even if I was one considered very close to the owners/managers to the point that I was called the "boss' pet", I was forced to voice out our demands and wrote a letter to the manager about it. Twice.  When the first one was sent

Livelihood Orientations Toward Inclusive Growth

This may not always be the case as there are many people who are being given livelihood grants, yet do not possibly know what do they do with these grants and/or knows what they want to do yet very lazy to try uplifting their family from the poverty they are stuck at. What a pity for those who think like this, but what one can get from the government may not always be effective for as long as they do not care for it or give any value to it. Business Action Planning on Livelihood with the Women Sector In this country, most people do not give any value to what is freely given by the government. The mere streetlights that enable us to see conveniently, after being put up or installed in a month, the bulbs or lights vanish into thin air if not being regularly checked or if not because of the guards around the area. The parks that hold children's swings and see-saw(s), they are being abused by the children and their guardians not very good at lecturing their children about taki

One Fine Saturday at Gensan's Greenleaf Hotel

It's like seeing a different paradise without others knowing it has been there all along. Because only a few knew the hotel is operating, it was like a secret, an amazing secret a few people keep, me included.  Transported to a different world, I was awed at how huge the hotel looked inside for it sure feels not "that" magnanimous looking from the outside. When I stepped inside the hotel, I never knew it could be very big and can accommodate so many rooms totaling to 111, technically with 6 levels minus Level 4 which is not a good number for the Chinese. Greenleaf Hotel is home to four cafes, The Mint Cafe is where we had our breakfast and it was oozing with rich people who are part of the hotel's clients as they are fully booked that very day.  Amazingly, there are pools, 2 pools to be exact which can cater to the adults and the kids. And they have great designs to cater to the patterns of a leaf, from the symmetrical abstract tree that is inside the M

The Great Move to a New Comfort Zone

If there is anything I would like to be thankful for this year, it is the new Regional Director's decision to put up an new Field Office for Sarangani Province. Though at first I was apprehensive at what may be the outcome of such creation as the constituents of Sarangani Province are already settled with the idea that they must go to General Santos for their DOLE needs, I am at the same time challenged by the fact that a lot of eyes in the DOLE Regional Office must be watching us in the performance of our duties. It is a challenge in the sense that I and a colleague, plus the boss, will be handling all the DOLE programs and services hands down. I have two full hands when it comes to the programs at my disposal. Programs that I never dreamed of holding, but now, they're mine to perform and implement. What's more challenging is that, I will be handling Livelihood Assistance to the constituents of the province. It's not easy because you have to be careful with your b