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Sharing Builds Children's Character

When I first visited this place and when I saw the situation of the residents especially the children, I have promised myself that I will be back and will give them something to be happy about. It was never in my mind that I will be supported by friends who have the heart to also share what little they have in order to make these kids happy.  Armed with P3,000.00 in my pocket, I went to the nearest department store and bought some cute and educational toys and school supplies that I think will bring a smile to the kids' faces. Ate Alfie who has a big heart in sharing, added some more toys for the kids.  And so we went there with a sackful of gifts for forty children, afraid that the gifts might be lacking. And we have limited food as well, we only prepared 40 also, haha. We were unsure of how many kids there were in the community.    And alas we arrived. From the made-up wobbly and collapsible wooden bridge, we got through to where the kids have gathered, pas