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Just a Thought...

It's already February! How the days go by so swiftly and another year is fast counting towards its end. Isipin mo? 11 months na lang and 2012 na, hehe. For sure, days are fast, and I admit, I am aging. When was that when I was just a little kid with a crush on a small guy riding a bicycle. When was that when I had my first prom, and having to be fetched from school because Dad thinks I have to go home on time. And when was that when I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life? And, was it at least ten years ago when I had my first baby? Time moves so fast, and counting the days just doesn't make it a notch slower. I'll be turning double 3 this month, and I wonder what's gonna be in store for me this 2012, but I am still praying for that regular post. I just want to ask you how you spent your years, I hope they are meaningful days. It simply is fun and nostalgic going back to days when you were a child, until you have grown up. And one thing you can do when

Hey, That's Government Property!

Well, because it takes a lot of courage to tell somebody senior that she's not doing the right thing if she just prints on government property using the issued "original printer cartridges", I could only cry my heart silently. Corruption starts with the littlest things like this, bringing home a bundle of bond papers for your family's use, printing your personal calling card on the government office printer, and a lot more. Sometimes though, we get settled with the fact that the government has a lot more in store, and would not mind a few extra for its constituent employees. The employees too, are comfortable with what they get and consider them as small blessings. But this just isn't right! Those things these employees enjoy came from the public funds, meaning from taxes they pay to make the government work, and to get even small portions of these government property is already robbing. Well, I hate to say this, these are small things that run in the system,

10 Steps to a Good Memory

Well, let us accept it, we are definitely not getting any younger and even younger ones have a way with memory, because sometimes, our memory fails us. It is like a tire that is being used everyday, and so the tire has to wear out and sometimes, flattens, balds over time, and in due time will have to be sent to the shop for a check. The same way goes with our memory, thus in order for us not to bring our memories to the shop, I will share here ten steps to boost your memory. I found this while de-cluttering our house on the first day of the year and has become helpful to me. I considered this as a sign to a good guide to 2011. I hope this guides you as well. 1. Get yourself a sleep. Sleep deprivation lowers your immune system, weakens your defenses against sickness and leads you to mental fatigue and poor memory. 2. Set your body clock. Maintaining a regular body clock is just getting enough sleep. If you go to bed early and rise early, keep it that way. It easily coordinates your b

My Walking Partner, My Espadrilles

I was using them in high school, and when I was in college, a very close friend influenced me again to use espadrilles. Then it went out of trend, and I used different footwear that I felt comfortable with, but nothing beats the comfort that espadrilles gave me. And now, it is back. The moment I saw one, I desperately asked a guy where he bought his pair, and I was awed at the many espadrilles a certain store here in our place displayed, which he pointed. I bought one from the husband's office mate, but it took her time to deliver the pair I ordered, and so I have to wait. Until last December, the husband surprised me with my blue pair, and it never left my feet whenever I go out. But then again, since I am working in a government office with a color-coding uniform I have to conform to, I have to wear some close pair with heels, to which I am really not fond of, but have to. But yes, I still love my espadrilles and use it when I go out, even during free days in the office when I

Back to Student Life

Exactly a year ago today, I went to Koronadal City to hurdle an exam, it was the kind that puzzled me and shocked me real hard. The exam was very confusing as I am not very good at abstract reasoning. My non-verbal reasoning ability sucks big time, maybe because I have low IQ. Then, the second exam was psychological, there were 600 questions all of which were repeated over and over again. A question could be phrased differently from other questions with the same thought. That exam was for an admin aide post that the DOLE has opened. Obviously, I failed in that exam. And now, the same post is open, and I have once again applied for the post. That is what makes me busy around this time, I am reviewing and reviewing real hard. Non-verbal, vocabulary, Math (which I hate the most) and a lot more. I am even planning of getting myself a Raven test and an Otis-Lennon Test just for the same, check my IQ. There's this online non-verbal exam I took last week, and I scored only 7 out 20, b


"Only in this life can we do good, in the next, there is no retake. " ~ Alice O. Montilla She's a retired Department of Labor Officer, one I never had the chance to work with. She left the office for a major decision, health. She took a leave and rested just when I was about to enter the institution but, her words and words about her made me appreciate her more. Last January 12, we went to see her, on her testimonial dinner and her words of thanksgiving caught me glued to my seat just listening to her, thanking the people she had brushed elbows with and those who made an impact in her life. This inspired me a lot to do good, more good deeds, for it is indeed true, in the next life, we can never have a retake of what we failed to do in this life. My dream of becoming one like her roots on being good, on being the best, on being compassionate to others, for there is nothing more fulfilling than having to offer goodness to others.


A lot of things has happened in my life in 2010, in fact I am actually thankful to the Lord because 2010 made me realize a lot of things, and that realization made me stronger, and more grateful of what He has given me. Last year, I was given a new (contractual) work at the Dept of Labor and Employment, one that has been number 2 on my list of wants and wishes for 2010 . I am thankful that, that wish was realized before the year ended. The Lord did not fail me, and I am just the most grateful person in the world for being in government service. I believe I have made myself beneficial to the government. And I believe I have satisfied the new boss with my performance, thus, he has bugged me to apply for an open regular post. This year, God's will will be working in my life again, I am hopeful that 2011 will grant me my desire of a regular post in government service. The first Monday of this year, I have officially applied for that post, and is anxious for the exams. When I was sti

She's 5, But Still my Baby

Dear Tabebs, 5 years and you are still my baby, I just want you to know that life is not a bed of roses, but when you lay down and eventually get pricked, I will always be the mother that you want me to be. You are so loved and know that Daddy and I love you very much. Happy Birthday, Anak.